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The Chinese translation team at Singapore Translators works for one of the top translation corporations in the globe, and if you are seeking expert mandarin Chinese to English translation services your belief with your eyes closed, Singapore Translators is your choice.

Whether you seeking Chinese texts to translate as English translations, Chinese translations, mandarin & Cantonese Chinese, or another language, then our certified translator for Chinese to English can assist you. Our Chinese language experts are used to handling demanding formats, materials & Chinese to Eng translation vicinity counting:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Police Report
  • Driving License

Traditional & Simplified Chinese Translation Company Need

Simplified Chinese applied and is the authorized writing system in mainland China (PRC) and in Singapore. Traditional Chinese is used & is the administrator writing system in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau.

Traditional Chinese uses about 13,000 characters; several of the characters are extremely multifaceted. The difficulty of this written system was one of the causes of widespread illiteracy in China for numerous years. The Simplified Chinese writing system, which has about 8,000 characters, was brought in as an authorized writing language in 1949 in order to fight illiteracy. So perfect communication between each and every sector like academic, business, medical, legal and others the need of translation service from Chinese to English rising day by day.

Prior to you order English to Chinese translation, discover as much as you can regarding which nation the document is used for. For instance, if a paper is being ready for an exhibition in Taiwan, convey that data to the certified Chinese to English translation corporation & be as exact as possible.

Translate My Document from Chinese to English in Singapore

One of the ways to recognize what type of price you are looking at is to take benefit of a premium translation service’s free quote alternative. Most professional, knowledgeable Chinese and English translation services offer a quote, like the one our Chinese to eng translators offer on the menu in order to translate Chinese to English. By comparing these quotes, you can make a quick deduction about which service will offer the best Chinese document translation for the most excellent price.

Our top professional Chinese-English translators are standing by at all times. The menu on the left will offer a free quote. It will also allow you to evaluate prices with other Translation services in Singapore. You’ll find that Singapore Translators will be the most advanced service provider for Chinese to English document translation. With the total lowest rates. Using our incorporated system of bidding translators who strive for every translation job, you guaranteed knowledgeable and capable translation services at the best possible cost

With diverse dialects and written forms being used in every Chinese-speaking region, localization of documents is required to make your translated material appropriate to your target spectators. We will help you communicate efficiently with the Chinese spectators you want to reach. You can also get academic translation services at Singapore Translators.

Online translator to do Chinese to English Translation of documents

Our online translator’s objective is to constantly translate precisely and on time, handover the meaning of the unique loyally when it comes to Chinese document translation services and Chinese medical translations, but creatively and concentrating on the communication rather than the form when we deal with advertising translations to produce quick turnaround Chinese to English translation services that sell & at a reasonable price.

Our freelance Chinese to English translators has chosen the top tools in the marketplace to manage terminology precision in Chinese translation services in Singapore. Post-translation checks for proofreading of Chinese translations professionally online. Our excellence and pre-publishing checking events in all words make sure expert translation results. We keep widespread databases that retain the translation of expression and ordinary sayings in Chinese and other languages. Consequently, we promise that you will not pay for the translation of some sentences two times.

Chinese to English Legal Document translation without error

Our certified Chinese translators are particularly trained to review the presentation of a text in its final layout of translation from Chinese to English. We fix grammar, spelling, punctuation & word usage mistakes in addition to idiomatic expressions. Translations also compared against the uniqueness for missing text and inconsistencies in layout and font. With our Legal document translators ensure you that the target document is error-free and is carefully checked for consistency.

People who want to translate legal documents from English into Chinese can do so online. There are website translators in Singapore that provide professional translation services for both languages, and they’re happy to work with clients of any level or country to get their message across.


Q1. Is your Chinese to English translation service is accurate?

By approaching Singapore translators, we accurately translate your Chinese to English documents. We guarantee that all the document translations will be performed rapidly without compromising the quality.

Q 2. What can you expect to pay for Chinese to English document translations?

The expected price for Chinese to English document translation services depends on the document. Each document involves a separate process of translation. If you are willing to acquire only the Chinese word translation into English, then the estimated price for the translation might be slightly lower. But if you require any additional service apart from just Chinese word translation like proofreading, notarizing, editing, etc., then your document translation cost might rise.

But if you need urgent translation service, in that case, you will have to pay extra charges depending on the document and how early you require the translation. Don’t worry; we provide you with good discounts on bulk orders for that, you will need to email us at

Also, we can provide you with the estimated price of the standard translation over the phone call. But, if you email us a file at our mentioned email address that needs to be translated, we can give a more accurate idea of the price you need to pay for the translation, which might also save your money.

Q 3. What is the format for translating Chinese to English documents?

At Singapore translators, we provide the format of the Chinese to English document translation as per the clients’ expectations. We deliver the translated document in the PDF format and .docx, .dotx, .xlsx, .xltx, .pptx, .potx, etc.

Q 4. What will be the deadline for translating Chinese to English documents?

We assure to make the rapid delivery of the Chinese to English translated documents without compromising the quality. Generally, we deliver the document as per the deadline mentioned in the submission form.

Q 5. Will I get a printed version of Chinese to English-translated documents?

Yes, we provide the printed version of the Chinese to English-translated documents. The printed version of the document will be provided in the same format as that of the softcopy of the translated documents. If you require the printed version of the Chinese to English translated documents, you need to specify for the same while filling the form. Acquiring the printed version of the translated document might require paying some additional cost. The cost of the printed version depends on the number of copies you are willing to obtain.

Q 6. What level of quality translation do you offer in Chinese to English documents?

At Singapore translator, we deliver a high-quality translation for Chinese to English documents. The reason behind the high-quality translation service is our certified translators holding expertise in the translation field and is dedicated to the work. Even while translating Chinese language documents to English; our translator makes sure that the document’s context and tone do not change.

We also maintain the confidentiality of the document. This means that the information of all the documents will be secured and will not be disclosed in front of anyone.

Q 7. What is your Chinese to English translation service’s refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do not provide Chinese to English translation service refund policy. This means that once you have paid for the translation service, there is no refund policy available.

Additionally, if you require any edits or alterations in the Chinese to English-translated documents, then we are ready to assist you, but sorry, we cannot provide any sort of refunds.

Q 8. Is there a place where I may use these Chinese to English-translated documents?

Several documents need to be translated from Chinese to English. Suppose you are immigrating to Singapore from China and all your documents are in the Chinese language. In that situation, you can use your Chinese to English-translated documents for immigration purposes. We translate several documents from the Chinese language to English, including driving license translation, academic document translation, marriage certificate translation, etc.

However, it’s not like that you can use your translated document only for immigrating to Singapore, but you can also use your translated documents for travelling to another country.

Q 9. Will you provide notarization of the Chinese to English documents?

Yes, at Singapore translators, you can acquire notarisation of the Chinese to English translated documents. We only provide notarization of the translated documents if asked by the clients.

Q 10. What is the validity of your Chinese to English-translated documents?

There is no such specific validity of the Chinese to English translated documents provided by the Singapore translators. As the validity of the translated documents depends on the validity of the original document. This means that upon the expiry or change of the original documents, the translated documents might expire.


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