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There are several individuals immigrating to Singapore from different parts of the world to start running a business in Singapore, but due to not finding a reliable translation agency, their company registration application gets rejected.

But now, the case is not the same as Singapore translators is the best Singapore translation company and is efficient in offering you the translations for all your ACRA documents. Just like several other immigration document translations services in Singapore, we also provide ACRA translation in Singapore that too at a reasonable rate. Continue reading the article to know more about our translation services and why to hire only us for your document translation.

Before moving to the translation services we offer, let’s first understand what are ACRA and its function.

What is ACRA?

ACRA stands for accounting and corporate regulatory authority of Singapore. It is defined as a statutory body that is solely responsible for all the company registration, regulatory, and cessation that takes place in Singapore. Without the approval of accounting and corporate regulatory authority (ACRA), you cannot run a business in Singapore. Even the name of your company is allotted after getting approval from the ACRA.

Therefore, no matter what type of business entity you are planning to operate in Singapore, you will always require approval from the accounting and corporate regularity Authority (ACRA) of Singapore.

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What functions does ACRA have?

Some of the functions performed by the accounting and corporate regulatory authority (ACRA) of Singapore are listed below:

  • Registration of all the new companies in Singapore
  • Provides UEN to the companies
  • Administers the companies act of Singapore
  • Collect all the data related to business, which includes corporate secretary, shareholder, nominee director, etc.

ACRA in Singapore

Accounting and corporate regulatory authority (ACRA) in Singapore were founded several years ago on 1 April 2004 by the accounting and corporate regulatory act. Every year ACRA registers more than 70,000 companies.

Why only Choose Singapore translators?

Getting an uncertified translation service provider can’t be worthy at all because it will always keep fear in your mind that will you get accurate and relevant ACRA documents translation or not. Since it is very important to get an appropriate and accurate translation, it is a matter of registering a company in Singapore; even a single mistake in the documents can waste all your efforts. Don’t worry; at Singapore translator, we check everything and ensure that we fulfil all your translation needs.

Our certified translator will keep you updated throughout the document translation process and clarify the paragraph and sections, and gives you the peace of mind that your document translation work is in the right hand.

Here are several additional benefits that you get by choosing Singapore translator as your reliable translation agency for ACRA translation:

Simple & Fast Process

Singapore translator is not only efficient in offering the best document translation services, but our translation process is so fast that clients do not have to wait for long to receive their officially translated documents. The most important thing about our translation agency is that our officially translated documents are accepted by the concerned pass issuing authority, i.e., the immigration and checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the Ministry of manpower (MOM). Simply order the required ACRA document translation service and get the smooth delivery of the translated documents.

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Affordable Translation

The benefit of choosing us as your trusted translator is that we offer you affordable translation services. Even after providing translation service at a reasonable rate, we never compromise with the quality.

Also, no matter you are giving an order of individual document translation or bulk translation, we will always prioritize your work and deliver you the officially translated document as soon as possible.

However, our pricing is so reasonable that anyone can afford it. We follow transparent pricing means we charge depending on only the number of words translated. Also, we offer great discounts to the regular customers who are making an order of bulk projects.


All the translators at Singapore translate come into a non-disclosure agreement before starting the document translation process. Our highly certified professional translators are hired after a deep background check and after ensuring that they are capable enough to offer the translation service and successfully meet the customer expectations. This process is done to ensure that all the documents and data of the clients are safe and protected.

All the translators in our team use the translation management system offered by us, which means there are no chances of your documents storing outside our serves, ensuring the complete security and confidentiality of your documents.

Quality Guaranteed

At Singapore, translator qualities translation are guaranteed. Our translation process undergoes deep grammar checks, proofreading checks, and cultural appropriateness to ensure that the document translated is appropriately understood and meaningful.

If you have any queries related to the translation after receiving the translated document, you can still connect with our certified translator. They are always ready to solve all your queries and satisfy you with quality translation services. No matter which foreign language you are willing to translate in English, you will get everything under one roof at a Singapore translator.

This is how we offer high-quality, cohesive, seamlessly polished document translation services, making us different and ahead of all other translation agencies. We have a team of certified translators who patiently listen to your requirements and understand them well to exactly provide you with the same thing that you are expecting from us. So don’t worry; after getting a translation from our translation agency, there are no chances of your ACRA documents getting rejected due to irrelevant translation.

MOM application documents translation in Singapore

If you have finally decided to register a company in Singapore, then you might be clear about the documents required by the ACRA for approval of your company registration in Singapore as the accounting and corporate regulatory authority of Singapore is the statutory body that grants the business owner to continue operating all the business operations in Singapore.

As per the guidelines set by the Singapore government that all the documents that you submit with ACRA for your company registration must be in the English language. If your documents are not in the English language, you can quickly connect with Singapore translators to obtain top-notch document translation services at a reasonable rate.

Translation of all ACRA documents

Here the list of document translation services provided by the Singapore translator is as follows:

  • Articles of association.
  • Signed consent from directors and company secretary.
  • Identification documents and addresses proof provided by the foreigners who are willing to register a company in Singapore.

Apart from this, we perform translation of all the documents that ACRA requires to register a company in Singapore.

We always lead from the front in providing the best translation services for all ACRA documents. Irrespective of from which part of the world you are coming from, our experience translator holds the expertise in translating any foreign language documents into English.

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