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Translate Birth Certificate in Singaporean Language

Get your birth certificate translated in just 24 hours with finest Birth Certificate Translation Services in Singapore. Singapore Translators is the largest language translation agency in Singapore with several years of experience. Our 500+ professional translators are well versed in converting your birth certificate in more than 200 international languages like Malay, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian etc with the most degree of proficiency.

Birth Certificate Translation Services

Features for Online Birth Certificate Translation from Singapore translators –

  • USCIS Accepted
  • ATA Certified Translators
  • Notarization provided on request
  • Instant Quotes

Leading Birth Certificate Translation Services in Singapore

When it comes to Birth Certificates Translation services, you are possibly in a rush, right? You just informed me that you have to present the paper at an institute, and it has to be certified. Well, you have come to the precise place to buy birth certificate certified translation help by Singapore experts.

At Singapore Translators we have already translated lots of birth certificates and recognize precisely what and how quick you need to have it. No worries as we do not have any urgent charges or additional charges or higher rates when you are in a rush. In several cases (and ensure that you got the right information) you can also need to have your translation notarized. If that is the case, no trouble, we can do that too.

Please get in touch with us here in live chat to inquire us any question you have regarding the birth certificate translation to English that you require and we can provide you with a live quote and deadline. Let us recognize if you are in a rush.

We will generate a quote, and of course, you are free to accept the quote and carry on with us. You can also avail our Academic translation services and other certified translations at a budget-friendly cost.

Get help to translate birth certificate in Singapore into one of over 30 language preferences. We’ve translated thousands of papers, including birth certificates and promise approval by U.S. authorities.

Steps to Get Your Birth Certificate Translated

Over the years, we’ve developed a precise system to make sure the most precise Document Translation Services possible. Our birth certificate translation online procedure exacting a series of steps intended to deliver cost-effective letter-perfect translations.

From the time you submit your source birth certificate, our group of brilliant subject matter experts assigned to your project is on the work. The method we see it, our work is much more than translating a certificate.

We check and double-check each step of the procedure, safeguarding your message and meaning, ensuring the absolute reliability of your content. We’re in the industry of doing it accurately the first time; producing consistent, cost-effective results you can count on each time.

The primary thing that you notice regarding our translation of birth certificate is the expert manner in which we do our work. There are numerous cases where we help customers over and above their requirements if they have to translate birth certificates and it is because of this reason that our services extremely regarded in the business.

Birth Certificate Translation Services With a Variation

With our services for birth certificate translation Singapore, we consider that it is never business as usual. As such, we treat all new customers and projects with transformed energy and psych. We make you part of our society so that we can deliver the most excellent results ever.

In fact, we provide our solutions with a friendly touch which makes it possible for us to know the underlying issue that drove you to place the order with us. Whatever it takes to give you the utmost level of precision and best turnaround, our group constantly prepared to get you precisely that.

Certified Birth Certificate Translations in Singapore

Certified translations of birth certificate are a particular type of translation necessary by U.S. Immigration (USCIS acceptance), high school and university application and employment, ID office usage and numerous other local, state, and Federal government administrator uses.

Certified translations delivered by translation services Singapore include a signed and stamped credential of Translation Accuracy, which attests to the diligence and accuracy of the translation and the experience of the translator. If a guarantee is not necessary, we also present Language Translation Services We also deliver an editable format and normally used for industry or individual purposes.

Extremely Trusted Certificate Translation Services In Singapore

We believe the role of a certified translation is very important, particularly for documents associated with migration purposes, visa application and even for learning use. We offer online birth certificate translation to offer you more ease in processing major significant documents such as this.

This is one of the most imperative personal documents that must be understood and interpret officially, and precisely. Because it is essential evidence that represents the totality of your subsistence and personal identity.

Why Hire Singapore Translators For Quality Translation of Birth Certificate?

Language translation and understanding extremely specialized services that need good training to obtain the expert quality expected in the business.   With 54,000+ customers and millions of words translated, we are one of the most trusted sources for translation services in Singapore.

Our staff of certified expert Translators knows to finish your project on time. They also provide a high degree of correctness while our support staff is accessible to you every step of the way. Read through our customer reviews to hear how we always live up to our promise of fast turnaround times.  Also, we ensure the grand quality of delivering you the most excellent value in the translation business.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use extremely trained translators and interpreters, and we work solely with Certified Translators (except in languages where there are no expert translators) and expert Interpreters. ALL of our Birth Certificates Translation experts are licensed by a local or national certifying body in Singapore. This means that papers translated by us are accepted without the need for notarization.


Q 1. Is your Chinese birth certificate translation is accurate?

Yes, definitely you can trust us for acquiring accurate English to Chinese Translation Services. As our translators always believe in providing the best service with no matter you need individual document translation or the bulk one. We will always assist you with the best, and you can expect the highest level of accuracy from us.

Q 2. How much does it cost of birth certificate translation online?

There are no specific costs for getting your birth certificate translation as it depends on which language you are getting it translated. Each document translation comes with a separate procedure, so it isn’t easy to figure out the estimates. Also, if you are only looking to get the translation of just the words, then the translation cost might be slightly lower. In comparison, if you wish you get proofread, notarization, editing, etc., along with the word translation, in that situation, the translation cost might increase.

We also accept urgent orders but do note that we might charge an additional cost depending on the urgency of the translation work. However, we also offer an amazing discount on bulk orders. To get complete details on discounts, email us at

Q 3. What can be the usual format given by certified translation services birth certificate?

Our certified translator provides no usual format birth certificate translation as it entirely depends on the customer’s requirements. Our translators delivers the translated work in numerous formats including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Powerpoint, .tiff, .html, .htm, and .xhtml. If you wish to get your documents formatted in any of these you need to state this to our translators.

Q 4. Is my online birth certificate translation kept confidential?

Of course, we encrypt and safeguard your documents. As part of our online birth certificate translation services, we ask our potential clients to sign a confidentiality agreement, which then guarantees confidentiality when performing the translation. As a result, all our customers’ information is protected from unauthorized access, and their documents are confidential.

Q 5. Do you think an online birth certificate translation will be translated by a specific date?

No one can exactly describe the specific date to obtain an online birth certificate translation. As it entirely depends on the efforts and skill set required to provide a translation. The translated documents are generally delivered as quickly as possible, and most of the time, the documents are delivered well before the deadline specified in the submission form. Even during the rapid translation process, the quality never suffers.

Q 6. Do you provide high-quality birth certificate translation online?

You can be assured that you will get a high-quality birth certificate translation from our certified translators. This is because our translators have been well-trained and dedicated to providing efficient and high-quality translation services.

We do our best to clear all the translation requirements and details we require from the client, and then accordingly, we use that information to provide the best translation service possible.

Q 7. Are there any refund policies concerning birth certificate translation Malaysia?

No, there are no such refund policies provided by us for birth certificate translation. Once you paid the translation money, we are unable to refund it. If there is any modification to be made in your translated documents, though, we are always willing to help you with our best translators.

Q 8. Do you have the skill to notarizing birth certificate translation Singapore?

Yes, we have a team of certified translators holding professional skills and experience to provide the notarization of the translated document. Singapore translators, i.e., reputed translation agencies, provide you with everything under one roof, and notarization of the document is one of them.

Q 9. Are your birth certificate translations valid for a certain period?

The birth certificate translation provided by our certified translators does not come with a specific validity. Since the validity of the translated birth certificate completely depends on its original document. Upon the expiry or change in the original documents, the translated documents might also expire.

Q 10. Where may I use these birth certificate translation that has been translated?

The birth certificate translation is one of the essential documents that can be used at multiple places. Birth certificate translation provided by our translators can also be used in acquiring citizenship in a foreign country. Most importantly, our translated documents are considered by almost all the immigration authorities.


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