Everything You Need To Know For Purchasing Insurance In Singapore

Posted By Singapore Translators | Publised At 19/07/2022
Last Modified: 12th Oct 2023

Many foreigners usually arrive in Singapore for numerous reasons, but still, many foreigners are confused if they can purchase insurance in Singapore? Yes, foreigners get eligible to buy insurance in Singapore. Even it is essential for each foreign individual to take up insurance to avoid spending much on hospitalization expenses. Several private insurers provide insurance coverage.

Can Malaysia medical card use in Singapore?

Yes, if you fall sick in Singapore, you will need to get immediate treatment which can only be possible in the Singapore hospital. Unfortunately, if you are using Malaysia medical card to acquire treatment in Singapore, then you will be limited to the expense of 100-250k SGD, whereas, if you take up the integrated shield plan in Singapore, you can acquire 500k-1.5m based on the medical benefits you are looking for. Being a foreigner, you can obtain such a shield plan by approaching available insurers in Singapore.

How much does healthcare cost in Singapore?

Every day health care expenses are quite reasonable in Singapore when compared to several other countries. For example, a routine check-up in Singapore with the general medical professional along with the medicine will typically cost you in between S$20-S$30 whereas, the blood work and getting an x-ray expense ranges in between S$50-S$80, which are much cheaper than many foreign countries. However, on average, 20% of primary health care is offered through government polyclinics, whereas the rest of 80% is provided through the 2,000 private medical clinics. The estimated cost of seeking a specialist consultation in the private clinic ranges between S$75 -S$125.

Does Expat health insurance Singapore cost?

As per the recent reports and observation, a 35-year-old expat might require paying somewhere between $600 to $700 each year for acquiring an Integrated Shield plan. You also have the facilities to include the add-ons as a rider which typically cost around $3000 a year. By taking up the additional rider, the annual health insurance premium will range between $1,000 to $1,200.

How much does private health insurance cost in Singapore?

No one has the exact idea on the cost of private health insurance in Singapore as it completely depends on the age, type of policy you are going to take, lifestyle habits, the monthly expenses of the critical illness. However, considering all the situations, private health insurance in Singapore usually ranges between $75-$400 for each insured person.

Can an expat get health insurance?

Yes, an expat can get a health insurance policy in Singapore. Choosing expat health insurance from Aetna international can be renewed on an annual basis which offers worldwide health insurance to all individuals and families across the globe. If you are presently staying and working abroad for more than a year, in that case, expat insurance can provide you with the best healthcare service in your new country of residence.

Is medical benefit compulsory in Singapore?

Every business needs to offer medical benefits to their workers in Singapore legally.

Every business or industry in Singapore has certain responsibility towards their worker’s health and well-being. Therefore, besides taking service and providing salary in return, every business needs to offer adequate medical benefits and entitlement as per the Singapore employment act to their employees.

Undoubtedly, each business pays salaries to the employees, but they still need to make at least 17% of CPF contributions of the employee salary. The major part of the contributions is deposited to the health care and medical security in their respective MediSave Account (MA).

Under the Singapore employment act, every employee who has been employed in the company for at least three months gets entitled to receive sick and hospitalization leave every year provided that the medical situation is certified by the concerned medical professionals.

The Singapore employees get entitled to receive 14 days of paid sick leave every year, even if no hospitalization is required. However, if there is no hospitalization required, in that situation, employees will require to present the medical certificate issued by the medical practitioner in Singapore.

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