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Hire Native Medical Translators for Prescription Translation

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 08/28/2019

There are many patients who prefer to have a medical translation of all their medical documents in their native language in Singapore. If they have their medical documents, for example, the medical prescription in their own language then it will be very easy for them to read and understand the… [..Read More..]

Whom to Hire For Academic Document Translation in Singapore?

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 08/09/2019

It is important to deal with your academic translation task precisely in whatever language you have chosen as per your requirements in Singapore. Language translation software cannot help you in this task since it fails to understand your individual requirements. (more…) [..Read More..]

Why It Is Important To Hire Expert Professionals For Translation Services?

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 08/03/2019

Certified translation of one language from another language is a very tricky task in Singapore.  Moreover, when you are listening to a voice recording and then translating the recordings into a script of another language is also very difficult for non-experienced people. So, this is the reason why it is… [..Read More..]

Do Translated Documents Need to Be Notarized?

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 07/23/2019

Every year many people migrate to Singapore from other countries or even most of the peoples from Singapore also migrate to other countries like the United States of America, Canada, or the United Kingdom. The only document needed for migration is to be in the English language only. So, the… [..Read More..]

How Can I Translate Arabic PDF To English?

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 06/29/2019

In various business organizations of Singapore, it is common to get documents or business letters from your overseas clients in form of PDF form in a language that is not known to you. It happens that instead of the international language English your overseas client may send you the document… [..Read More..]

How Do I Translate a PDF From German To English?

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 06/21/2019

There comes a time in the corporate sector when you usually receive documents in PDF form in another language for example – German, which is not known to you. So, in order to have access to that document in a common international language like English you need to translate that… [..Read More..]

Ways To Find Marriage Certificate Translation Spanish to English

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 06/15/2019

Is your marriage certificate issued in the Spanish language? Are you interested to migrate in the English speaking countries like the United Kingdom or the United States of America? If yes then you must get ways to find marriage certificate translation services from Spanish to the English language. (more…) [..Read More..]

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