Can Chinese Citizens Go To Singapore? – Must Know

Posted By Singapore Translators | Publised At 09/15/2021
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Chinese citizens moving to Singapore

After the COVID-19, there are several travel restrictions and guidelines been imposed by the Singapore government. But now, as things are getting back to normal. So the foreigners and Chinese citizens intending to visit Singapore can do so by following the travel requirements.  The requirements for all the tourists are all the more similar but still if you are not getting relevant details on Chinese to arrive in Singapore. Then dive into the article and get all the information related to Chinese citizens arriving in Singapore.

Additionally, if you wish to stay in Singapore permanently, you must apply for Singapore citizenship. For additional information on Singapore citizenship, you check our complete guide on Singapore Citizenship Application Process.

Can Chinese Citizens Go To Singapore? – Must Know

Do Singapore citizens/passport holders need a visa to China?

According to the Chinese free policy, the regular passport holder of Singapore, Brunei and Japan can arrive in China without a visa only if the arrival purpose is for a family visit, business visit, tour or transit within 15 days. For other cases, if you are willing to stay in China for a longer time, you will require to apply for a Chinese visa.

How long can a Singaporean stay in China without a visa?

If Singaporean acquires the visa-free entry permit to arrive China, then also the maximum stay period in Canada will be 15 days.

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Can a foreigner apply for a China visa in Singapore?

Yes, foreigners can apply for China visas from Singapore. Even on holding a Singapore passport, you will still require to acquire the Visa from the local Public security bureau situated in mainland China if you are willing to stay for more than 15 days following the date of entry. However, suppose you intend to immigrate to China for employment, residence, study, etc. In that case, you will require applying for the China visa directly from the Chinese embassy or through a consular abroad.

However, Singaporeans, foreigners or Malaysians presently residing in Singapore need to submit the Visa application to the China Visa application service centre (CVASC) associated with the Chinese Embassy.

How can I apply for a China Z visa in Singapore?

The Chinese Visa Application Centre in Singapore asks you to present several supporting documents to apply for the Chinese work visa Z category application. Some of the document includes authorized invitation or confirmation letters provided by a relevant Chinese entity.

Can the Chinese go to Singapore?

You will require to apply for the visa to enter Singapore if you presently hold a travel document issued by the country. However, remember that if you hold diplomatic, public affairs and service passports, you do not require a visa to enter Singapore.

China to Singapore needs quarantine

Chinese citizens or any other foreign individuals arriving in Singapore will require to get quarantined. This is because of the Corona virus pandemic. It has affected a large number of people, which can also be dangerous for the general public. That is why the Singapore government has introduced strict guidelines and travel requirements for tourists to Singapore.

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How can long Chinese stay in Singapore?

If the Chinese are visiting Singapore on the arrival card, they will only be allowed to stay up to 14 days per entry and not more than that. Additionally, if Chinese citizens are immigrating to Singapore for other purposes like completing the studies or employment, they might be granted to stay in Singapore for longer depending upon the validity of the passes they are holding.

Do Singaporeans returning from China need to quarantine?

Singapore citizens who are returning from China or those who are presently situating in China and need to return to Singapore provinces or territories will require the home or institutional quarantine for 14 days based on the provinces or municipality they are willing to travel to.

Can Singaporeans return to Singapore now?

All returning Singapore citizens or permanent residents are granted to return to Singapore without requiring entry approvals, irrespective of their current vaccination status.

Does Returning Singapore need to pay for quarantine?

Since 17 June 2020, all outbound and inbound travellers who are entering or leaving Singapore need to pay for the expenses for their COVID-19 test wherever applicable.

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