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Court Certified Translation Services

Posted By Singapore Translators | Publised At 06/25/2019
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The documents bearing the native language are generally not accepted for court uses in Singapore. You are required to translate the original document at court only after translating it in the required language which is accepted at Singapore court

Court Certified Translation Services

Therefore, you are required to take court certified translation services from the Singapore translators who can efficiently translate and certify all types’ documents for court use in the desired language of your need. You will get many online language translation services in Singapore but the most reliable one is SingaporeTranslators.Com which provides all types of document translation services Singapore meant for court purposes.

Court Certified Translation Services from Singapore Based Language Translators

It will be of no use but full of errors if you translate the document yourself. So, it is best to get professional translation services to get court certified translation services of the documents which you need to present at the court. If you are looking for online translation services then the best-recommended translation agency to provide the best service is SingaporeTranslators.Com.

Here you will get expert language translators who provide professional court certified document translation services. You can hire the best translators who can provide the best of multi-lingual translation services of any type of court use documents in the fields of legal, academics, immigration, traveling overseas, marketing, education, businesses, advertising, etc.

Both individuals and business organizations take the best services of court-certified translation from our language experts.

Hire a Language translator for converting your legal & Other Documents.

Moreover, you must also note that just doing translation of your document is not the only required task. You also need to notarized and certify the document by the court interpreters and the qualified translators before you present the document in court. You will get the full services of document translation services from the experts at SingaporeTranslators.Com.

Easy Court Certified Translation Services With Us

It is very easy to get translation services from the native Singapore based translators. Our team offers the best translation services which are sure to be accepted by the court. Our translators have never compromised with the quality service they provide. All types of legal and official documents meant for court use are carried out with the best SSL transcription and latest technology.

Mostly court certified document translation is done for those documents which are not in the English language. In some cases, other language translation is also done. Court certified translation document can be a marriage certificate, divorce notice, driving license, academic document, passport, legal certificates, birth certificates, power of attorney, transcripts translation, evidence, contracts, etc.

These documents are not just in paper form also but it can also be in the form of pictures, email and message screenshot, bill receipts and videos. All documents are not eligible for court-certified translation services. Only those documents which are selected to present at the court after getting court orders are to be translated along with proper certification also.

Who Are The Persons To Offer Court Certified Translation Services?

In Singapore, all types of court-certified translated document’s services are offered by the court interpreters and professional translators. They are qualified to translate all types of court-related documents and even certify them. If you sought court certificate translation services from the court interpreters then you must make an initial appointment from them to discuss your document translation requirements only for court proceedings.

Hire a Language translator for converting your legal & Other Documents

The fees charged by them are fixed and are decided by the government and is $45 per page. However, if you seek court-related certified translation services from qualified private translators then it must be verified with an affidavit. The original copy of the affidavit must be attached to the translated document along with the original document which you will present at the court. The private translators offer the services starting at just $10.

What Is The Process Of Getting Court Certified Translation Services?

If you want to know how the Singapore translators carry out the court certified translation services then you must be informed of the certain points which are:

  • If you hire a court interpreter to translate and certify your court documents then you must contact them and go to their office by making an appointment at least 4 weeks before the date of translated document submission at the court. They can reject translation services of those documents which have technical terms in a native non-English language.
  • If you engage private translators to translate and certify your court-related documents then you can go online to hire the most qualified and experienced Singapore based document translators. The qualification of the private translators of court documents are not fixed but expert eye witness must be there while the private translators translate the documents.
    Moreover, the translated documents must go to the notary so that they can notarize it along with certification. The private translators apart from providing document translation services also offer appealing services like editing, revision, proofreading, copywriting, transcription services, etc.

Best Features of Online Court Certified Translation Services

There are various types of online translation service providers who have been providing translation services. But if you want the most trustable court certified document translation services then you must trust the services of SingaporeTranslators.Com. They provide the following service features and benefits which are:

  • All types of certified translated documents have official acceptance from renowned organizations like MOM, ICA, LTA, Companies, Educational Institutes and most importantly the Court.
  • The project manager of the translation and certification department hires the best native translators for you upon the translators’ availability.
  • Court certified document translation services are offered at a very affordable price from the private translators. We never charge any type of unknown price or any type of hidden price from you. We are very transparent about the charges we take. Moreover, in order to make your order of translation very cheap, we don’t take any charges for GST, delivery charges, etc.
  • We never delay to deliver the complete translated copy of court-certified document within the deadline at your email address.

No 1 Online Translation Services for Document & Legal Translations in Singapore

Conclusion- Thus, if you want the best-certified translation services online in Singapore, then you must place the request of “certified translation services Singapore” online at the official website of SingaporeTranslators.Com.

There you have to provide all types of information about your original document and translation requirements so that our team of translators will review and tell you the exact price to be paid.

After you pay up the prices, our translators immediately carry out the work of court-certified translation services of those documents which are meant for court use. However, you will need the notary services to make an affidavit to certify this document.