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Differences between Singapore PR and Citizenship

Posted By Isabelle | Publised At 09/12/2020
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Many People across countries have a strong dream to live in Singapore. Their minds are stuck with this question that what are the differences between Permanent Resident ship and Citizenship of Singapore? If you are also befuddled by this question then our article will clear all the chaos in your mind. As we proceed we will also be educating you about the procedures using which you can apply for Singapore Permanent Resident ship (PR) and  Citizenship.

Differences between Singapore PR and Citizenship

Before a full-fledged discussion on differences between Singapore PR and Citizenship, let us first study the demographics, differences between the two and how many people are granted the same each year.

How many PR and Citizenships are granted on a yearly basis in Singapore?

Tentatively 15,000 and 25,000 people are given new citizenship’s every year who have family connections with Singaporeans, studied, worked or lived here for some time. The majority of new citizens belong to Malaysia who is allotted citizenships.

There are huge differences in Singapore PR and citizenship Singapore and in the procedure of applying for them. Let’s first discuss the PR of Singapore and people who are eligible for applying for a PR of Singapore.

Singapore Permanent Resident ship:

The fascination to acquire Singapore PR through various methods has resulted in many foreigners from diverse backdrops make this place their home.  As a foreigner you may be eligible for a PR if you are a/an:

  • Spouse of a Singapore Citizen (SC) or a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR).
  • Aged Parent of SC
  • Student Studying in Singapore
  • Foreign Investor in Singapore
  • Holder of an Employment Pass or an S Pass
  • Unmarried child aged below 21 born within the context of legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, an SC or a PR.

Processing Time for PR Application:

The general processing time for a PR application submitted with correct documentation is four to six months however some applications may take a little longer to process.

Singapore Citizenship:

Those people who are at least 21-years old or have been living in Singapore for a minimum span of 2-6 years are eligible for citizenship of Singapore whereas PR is granted to people for reasons like business, study, employment etc. as mentioned in the above section. A study claimed that till June 2019, Singapore had around 3.5 million population, and the numbers are still increasing.

Apart from this, there are a few other categories which are eligible for acquiring citizenship of Singapore:

  • If you were PR of Singapore for at least two years and your age is 21 years and above then you can apply with your spouse and any unmarried children aged below 21 years.
  • In case you have been a PR for 2 years and have been married to a Singapore Citizen for at least two years.
  • If you are a PR studying in Singapore and have been residing in Singapore for 3 years.
  • Are a PR and an aged parent of an SC.
  • If you are an unmarried child aged below 21 and born within the context of legal marriage to or have been legally adopted by an SC.

Processing Time for SC Application:

The difference between PR and SC application is also affected by the processing time. The general processing time for an SC application submitted with correct documentation is six to twelve months however some applications may take a little longer to process. However, for the children born overseas to Singapore citizens the general processing time is two months.

After understanding the difference between Singapore PR and Citizenship let us find out the reason why people want to shift to Singapore.

Why People are attracted to Becoming a Permanent Resident /Citizen of Singapore?

People around the Globe wish towards acquiring the PR /Citizenship of Singapore due to the following reasons:

About Singapore: Geographical, Economic and Natural Aspect

  • Singapore is an island city of South-East Asia.
  • Though a relatively small country yet this city-state has managed to make its mark on the world map with its top-notch features which even some of the great countries of the world failed to preserve.
  • It’s an exquisite environment and clean biodiversity catches the attention of people across the globe.
  • The economy of this country is a highly developed free-market economy that is considered as the world’s third-least corrupt with pro-business strata.

Major Differences Between PR and SC of Singapore:

Following are the differences between Singapore PR and Citizenship:

Parliament Election-Right to VoteEligibleNot Eligible
Right to become MP by taking part and standing in electionsEligibleNot Eligible
Tax RebateEligibleEligible
Purchase of subsidized new flatsEligibleNot Eligible
Purchase of resale HDB flatsEligibleEligible (Depends on HDB’s Eligibility schemes)
Purchase of non-landed property- private apartmentsEligibleEligible
Taking a flat on RentEligibleEligible
Purchasing landed property – bungalows, terrace housingEligibleEligible (Needed approval from Ministry of law)
Mortgage loan from banksEligibleEligible

How can you apply for PR and Citizenship?

Now that you are clear about the difference between PR and Citizenship, let us now discuss how can you apply for them? Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Singapore (ICA) specifies the guidelines and the documents required for applying PR and Citizenship of Singapore.

All the necessary documents required for applying for PR and SC have to be in English strictly. There are certified translators who perform translation procedure abiding by the rules and regulations specified by ICA. One such translator is the Singaporetranslators.com who translate documents to a high quality and their main objective is customer satisfaction.


We hope that the differences between Singapore PR and Citizenship are now transparent and understandable. So, without bothering yourself,  you can immediately apply for a Singapore PR or an SC but before that just recapitulate the points that are mentioned above. Doing this will help you draw a clear and deep insight into the differences and perks that are entitled to being a Permanent Resident and a Singapore Citizen.