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GCE ‘A’ Level Certificate in Singapore

Posted By Singapore Translators | Publised At 09/08/2021
Last Modified: 8th Sep 2021175

All about GCE A-Level Examination

The Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Level) examination is the widely recognized annual examination taken by several schools and private candidates in Singapore.

In this article, we have outlined several details about the Singapore Cambridge General certificate of education advanced level examination.

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What is GCE A-Level

The Singapore Cambridge General certificate of education advanced level examination was introduced in 1975. It was separated from United Kingdom’s GCE A-Level examination in 2002, as an important part of the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore’s efforts to acquire enhanced control over the examination management. A GCE A-Level examination is closely linked with Singapore’s school curriculum, which the Ministry of Education maps out.

The GCE A-Level examination is provided annually to the following students:

  • The students coming from junior colleges or centralized institutes, preferring to take up the A-level courses.
  • The private candidates who have met the eligibility criteria can apply for the GCE A-level examination.
  • The Singapore examination and assessment Board, Cambridge assessment international education, and Ministry of education are the integrated examining authority for managing the GCE A-level examination.

The applicant can also choose to give an exam on the subject at three levels of study – Higher 1 (H1), Higher 2 (H2), and, for school candidates, Higher 3.

The University of Western Australia accepts the application from the candidates who have successfully completed the Singapore Cambridge GCE A-level program, to get admission in the university you will require meeting the following criteria:

  • To comply with the relevant universities’ proficiency in the English language.
  • The requirements to acquire satisfactory performance in one of the English subjects
  • To obtain a required number of Singapore Cambridge GCE A-level points as specified in the institution’s eligibility criteria.
  • Comply with the prerequisite subject requirements for your opted course.

Minimum entry scores

The Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level candidates need to comply with the equivalent minimum entry score as met by the other applicants. In the following table, we have outlined the overview of the GCE A-level points which every candidate requires to get admission into the University.

Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Scores needed for the Assured Pathways.

CourseMinimum A-Level Points required
Bachelor of Arts6.5
Bachelor of business
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Environmental Design
Bachelor of biomedical science8
Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Automation and Robotics11
Bachelor of politics, philosophy and economics12
Bachelor of Advanced computer science12.5
Bachelor of Philosophy14.5


Singapore Cambridge GCE A-Level Scores needed for the students seeking Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s (CBM) degrees.

Assured pathwaysMinimum A-Level Points required
Master of Professional Engineering8
Masters of Teaching
Masters of translation studies12
Masters of Architecture, Master of Landscape architecture12.5
Master of Pharmacy, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine13.5
Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Juris Doctor (LAW)14




All CBM Degrees12



The points are assigned to the student based on the following:

  • For the H2 level student: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1
  • For the a H1 level students (content-based only): A=2.5, B=2.0, C=1.5, D=1.0, E=0.5
  • At least two H2 level subjects are must have opted for assessment reasons.
  • However, there is no maximum limit on the H2 level subjects that can be used for evaluating the aggregate marks.
  • For content-based, the maximum of one content-based H1 subject can be undertaken for evaluating the aggregate marks.
  • The H1 level and H2 level cannot be undertaken in the same subject altogether to determine the aggregate marks.
  • The general paper that comes in the category of H1 level and the project work that comes in the same category cannot be undertaken for evaluating the aggregate marks.


Equivalent subjects

In the following table, we have covered the Singapore Cambridge GCE A-level subject that will give you a clear idea of the course and its major requirements.

ATAR Equivalent SubjectGCE Advanced level Equivalent
  • For the Singapore Cambridge O-Levels – English – A grade of C or higher
  • In General Paper for H1 – Advanced level equivalent must be A grade out of C or higher.
  • For Literature in English for H2 level category – You must acquire an A grade out of E or higher.
  • English Language and Linguistics (H2) – Advanced level equivalent must be A grade out of E or greater
  • Knowledge and Enquiry (H2) – A grade of E or higher
Mathematics Applications ATAR
  • For Mathematics category H1 level – Must acquire A grade out of E or greater.
  • Mathematics for O-Level – A grade out of B or higher
Mathematics Methods ATAR
  • Mathematics for H2 level students – A grade out of E or D
Mathematics Specialist ATAR
  • Mathematics for H2 level candidates – A grade out of C or greater
  • For additional mathematical subjects for (O-level)-A grade of A2 or higher
Chemistry ATAR


  • Chemistry for H2 level students– A grade out of E or more
Physics ATAR
  • Physics for H2 level – A grade of E or greater
Biology ATAR
  • Biology for H2 level – A grade of E or greater


Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Syllabus B

The mother tongue language syllabus B is not an A-, H1-, AO- or H2-Level subject, and its outcome will be accepted in evaluating the admission marks of the university. Those students who will pass in the mother tongue language syllabus B needs to comply with the MTL subject criteria for pursuing admission to the University.

The grade assigned for the mother tongue language syllabus B subject will be written as pass, ungraded, or merit on the issued certificate or slip of the candidate’s result.


A level examination will be graded on the scale of A to E. Student who has acquired maximum marks, i.e., in addition to the AS, will be provided one grade for every subject. The AS results are classified into A level point score if not converted as terminal credential after the commencing year of study. For that university utilizing centralized university and college admissions services process for admitting the students, grades are also connected tariff points that are considered for every A-level grade.

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