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How Much Does It Cost to Translate 1000 Words?

Posted By Singapore Translators | Publised At 07/05/2019
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In Singapore, when you get the translation of your documents you might have wondered what will be the price of getting document translation services. Most of the peoples here always have just one question in their mind which is “How much does it cost to translate 1000 words in a specific document?” The peoples of Singapore in order to get the best translation services and the best price goes online to get the translation services.

translation Cost in singapore

There are various translation agencies and companies available online in Singapore, but the best one is SingaporeTranslators.Com. There are experienced language translators available who can help you translate your document in any language of your preference.

They can easily translate your documents flawlessly and at cheap prices too. Singapore people who are staying in cities like Kampong Glam, Jurong East, Seletar, Novena, etc can avail of the translation service and negotiate the price with the language translators before taking their services.

” So, when you are taking up translation services for the first time in your life then you must ask the full price details of 1000 words translation from the professional translators at SingaporeTranslators.Com.”

Moreover, if you want Singapore translators to translate your document you can avail their services anywhere in the globe.

 Expected Cost to Translate 1000 Words in Your Documents

The cost charged for different kinds of documents varies from one document to another. For example, if you want to translate your academic document, then you must know that its prices are different from that of the price charged for the legal document.

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So, if you want to translate your documents then you must know that charges are different for every type of document translated. If you randomly ask the translators what they will charge to translate a 1000 words document, then they will not have the correct answer since they have not seen your document.

” Without seeing your original document and without analyzing and reviewing all your requirements it is impossible to say how much it will cost to translate your document.”

But there is one thing that you can be sure of is that you will get the most reliable and affordable Certified Translation Services Singapore from the language experts at SingaporeTranslators.Com.

Various Factors Determined To Estimate Translation Cost Of 1000 Words in Documents

The language translation of a document is a very tricky one. If you want to take professional language translation services then you must know that it is not an easy process.

When you ask the professional translators to translate your document, they will ask you some questions and details which are required to provide an exact estimation of the price to translate your 1000 words document.

There are various types of the price range for various types of documents which depend on various factors and requirements of yours. The exact cost of translation of documents is determined on various factors and requirements which are:

Document Type

There are different types of translation cost charged by the professional translators for translating your specific document. So, when you approach the translators for translating your document then you must first tell them if it is an academic document, or a legal document, or a birth certificate or any type of a specific document you want to translate it.

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After you tell them the details of the exact document type, they will provide you with the right price estimation to translate your document.

Language Type

You must tell the language translators at SingaporeTranslators.Com the specific language you need the translation service. Price is different for various types of language. So, you must inform them the language of the original document and in which language you need to get that document translated.

Reasons To Translate Document

You must state the translators the reason behind translating the document. If the translated document is to be used for legal purposes, academic purposes, immigration uses or property purposes or any other logic purpose, then there is the price charged differently.  Since the translators use different approaches and techniques to translate all types of documents.

They cannot use the same method and technique used in translating a legal document for the translation of the academic document. Thus, if you want the translated document to be used for court purposes then our translators offer the best price for legal translation services Singapore.

Extra Services & Requirements

If you want any other services like legalizing, editing, proofreading, etc then you must inform the translation professionals in advance before booking the translation services. These are regarded to be the extra services and requirements of the translation services.

” So, if you need extra services apart from language translation then the charges will be extra. Moreover, our expert translators will inform you about all the extra cost incurred to translate the 1000 words documents. “

Urgent Delivery

In a day, the professional language translators translate between 1000-1500 words. So, if you tell them to deliver on the same day, then the charges are extra.

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Thus, before you take up our translation services, you must specify all the requirements. Only after analyzing your requirements the translators will tell the right price you need to pay to get your document of 1000 words translated. All the charged prices are fair and you will also not be charged for any hidden cost.

Proper Cost of Document Translation of 1000 Words

At SingaporeTranslators.Com, you can avail of all types of document translation services of various personal, legal, academic translation service Singapore, etc.

These services are offered to both personal and business purposes. The customized translation of 1000 words in a document is charged $0.6 – $0.35 per word. The total cost to translate 1000 words depends upon language, text method, document type, use type and also upon delivery of the document. If you want same-day delivery then the prices will go up by 10% – 255% extra.

At SingaporeTranslators.Com, you will get the translation services of 1000 word documents of all types at reduced rates due to various online deals and discounts.

” You will get cheap translation services by not paying hand-delivery fees, GST charges and admin fee. All payment is made by Singapore Dollars, and other case paying mode is debit/credit card, net banking and e-wallets such as PayPal. “


Thus, now you know what will be the price to translate 1000 words in a specific document. You also now are informed on what basis fees are calculated. Thus, if you want to translate 1000 word document accurately and at best prices and within the deadline, you must contact the experts at SingaporeTranslators.Com