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Can a Work Permit Holder Get Married in Singapore?

Permanent Resident - PR

Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/31/2020

As a work permit holder in Singapore, you may marry someone who is a Singapore citizen or holds a Singapore PR. There is no doubt regarding that. But there are certain questions that arise like “Can a work permit holder get married in Singapore. So, it is clear that you… [..Read More..]

Singapore Global Investor Programme (GIP): The PR Scheme for Investors

Permanent Resident - PR

Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/28/2020

Most of you might be thinking to get Singapore PR to do business in Singapore. If this is your next wish, you can apply for PR under the scheme of the Singapore Global Investor Programme. This is a scheme that will give you the status of permanent resident in Singapore… [..Read More..]

How Machine Translation Work?

Translation Services

Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/26/2020

Whenever you are looking for translating some documents, machine translation is one of the options to choose from. The most common machine translation is ‘Google Translate’ that is powered by Google. Moreover, there are other translation companies in Singapore offering all types of machine translation of your documents. So, let… [..Read More..]

Apply PR For New Born Baby in Singapore & Translation Requirement

Translation Services

Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/23/2020

Are you thinking of getting Singapore PR for your little newborn baby? Then it is the perfect decision you took for your little one. Singapore is the perfect place to raise your baby. It’s a country that is clean, safe, and full of opportunities for your newborn baby’s future. So,… [..Read More..]

Difference Between Work Permit and S Pass

Work visa

Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/21/2020

Singapore – “The City of Lions” is the best-ranking place in the world to start your career. A majority of professionals and companies come here for better work and business opportunities from other countries. They come to Singapore because it offers a great corporate life. This is due to various… [..Read More..]

Why Will Humans Always Triumph Over Machine Translation?

Human Translation

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 12/18/2020

Why will Humans always triumph over Machine translation? We are living in an era in which machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other innovations are replacing people at work. The language industry is no exception. In reality, some of the greatest driving forces behind the advancement of such technologies are automatic… [..Read More..]

What is the Need of Translation in the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore?

Document Translation

Posted By Singapore Translators Publised At 12/18/2020

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore ('IRAS') is the government's primary tax administrator. IRAS receives taxes that account for approximately 70% of the country's operating income. It funds the social and economic policies of the government to achieve sustainable growth and an equitable society. In tax treaty agreements, IRAS also… [..Read More..]

Certifying True Copies Documents Singapore : How & Who


Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/18/2020

A true copy is the copy of a document with no changes and modifications. Certified true copy refers to a copy of a document that gets a stamped by a Notary. The purpose of stamp and seal is to certify that the copy is a true copy of the original.… [..Read More..]

Malaysians in Singapore

Translation Services

Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/18/2020

Malaysians in Singapore are the citizens of Malaysia for Singaporeans of Malaysian descent living in Singapore. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the community had 952,261 people. Thus it makes it one of the largest communities. The group is indeed Singapore's most extensive international community,… [..Read More..]

Difference between true copy v/s certified copy v/s notarized copy


Posted By Isabelle Publised At 12/18/2020

Introduction As the world becomes a smaller place and more trades happen across borders, different documents will also be sent across borders, inevitably. In one country, how can a person know if a document from another country is sincere? Therefore, it may be appropriate to notarize and legalize documents originating… [..Read More..]

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