Short Term Visit Pass Singapore

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Short Term Visit Pass Singapore – Complete Guide

As everyone knows, people from different countries come to live and stay in Singapore ever after it is small in size compared to other countries; Singapore attracts millions of visitors worldwide. According to the recent report, there are around 5,000,000, and only 60% of people are Singapore citizens; 40% are permanent resident visitors and international workers.

Short Term Visit Pass Singapore

The thing that attracts many people to visit and work in Singapore is its limitless attraction ranging from museums, modern architecture, and amazing restaurant food. Apart from this, you will also find greenery on every street that will make your walk amazing.

Moreover, one of Singapore’s passes is short term visit pass that allows you to have a short visit to Singapore. So if you are aware of the details about the pass in this guide, you will get the complete details of pass eligibility criteria and requirements.

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All about Singapore short term visit pass

Short term visit pass is the more like a travelling pass that allows the foreign national to arrive in Singapore as a tourist, for social purpose and to get an medical treatment.

Visitors who are presently staying in Singapore as visitors for social purpose or due to getting medical treatment and are willing to extend their stay in Singapore even more than the days mentioned in their visit pass during entry into Singapore might get permission to extend their stay they will be required to submit an extension application but not more than 89 days from the day they entered in Singapore. They can submit their extension application online by using the E-service.

In order to prevent yourself from overstaying, you need to submit your extension application online using the e-service seven days before the expiration of your pass. Your application for the extension of visit pass application will not be accepted by visiting the counter.

This rule is valid to all the people who have arrived as tourists in Singapore through the short–term visit pass for medical treatment or any social purpose. Every pass holder has to ensure that he/she should not be involved in any employment opportunities, no matter whether it is paid or unpaid, until they are the valid work pass holder as per the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act 1990.

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Who needs short term visit pass?

Singapore visit pass is mainly for the foreign nationals who are willing to arrive in Singapore with the intention of

  • Social visit
  • Tourism
  • Medical treatment

Singapore visit pass are even given to those who are not subjected to Singapore visas during entry. Also, you are not granted to apply for any paid employment passes through the short-term visit pass for Singapore.

No matter for what purpose you are applying for short term visit pass, be it for tourism, medical treatment, or the social visit pass Singapore, your pass will only have the validity period of  30 days. It is essential that you should not overstay with the visit pass as it will be considered going against Singapore’s regulation, and strict action will be taken against you.

If you have planned to stay more than 30 days with your visit pass, you will be required to apply for the social visit past extension.

Eligibility criteria

Before you proceed to submit your short term visit past Singapore application online, you need to follow the below-mentioned conditions:

  • When you wish to extend your stay to Singapore, you should not extend it more than 89 days from the day you entered.
  • Your present visa pass must not be expired.
  • For submitting the extension application, you will require to having a local sponsor if you are from the countries mentioned below:

You will require a local sponsor* if you are seeking an extension of 89 days from the date of entry or if you are a National of the countries below:

The local sponsor who will sponsor your extension application needs to be at least 21 years old, should be a permanent resident or Singapore citizen, and should also have a Singpass account. If they don’t have a Singpass account, they need to apply for it by visiting the official website of singpass.

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Documents Required for a Singapore Short-Term Visit Pass

Before submitting the documents ensure that your documents are in English language. If your documents is in any other foreign language rather than English. Then it is suggested to hire a MOM documents translation agency in Singapore.

Some of the essential documents require applying for the short term visit pass are as follows:

  • A passport must be valid for a minimum of the next six months after the visa expiry.
  • You should have a sufficient fund and be financially stable to manage all the expenses during your stay in Singapore. There is no such required amount, but on average, you should have the capacity to manage S$100 per day is recommended.
  • You must submit your short-term Singapore visa.
  • A proof of the confirmed return booked ticket.
  • A duly filed Disembarkation/Embarkation card that can be acquired during the arrival.
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate (if applicable)
  • In certain cases, you will require to submit the complete Singapore visa application form.

After you have duly completed all the requirements and submitted the required documents to the immigration officer at your entry point in Singapore, they will see your case. Then, as per your application, they will decide if granted to enter.

How to get a Singapore Short-Term Visit Pass?

The Singapore tourist visa enables you to travel to Singapore; you will require a Singapore short-term visit pass to get granted to enter the country. Also, this visa doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to enter Singapore. An officer at entry can deny your entrance if found any problems.

Here are some of the ways through which you can apply for your Singapore short term visit pass:

  1. You have two option to apply for the pass either online by visiting the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website or through in person at a Singapore overseas mission.
  • If you choose to apply online, you will require to have your relative or representative submit your visa application. As you are not allowed to submit the application by yourself, it is essential to have some in Singapore submit an application. But in case you do not have any reliable Singaporean contact, you can contact the certified visa agencies that submit the visa application on behalf of foreign nationals.
  • If you choose to apply for the pass, you will have to look for the nearest Singapore mission website for guidance on how to proceed with the application.
  1. After completing the application, if everything goes right within few days, you will get the Singapore e-pass. Then, you or either your contact/relative will have to print that pass. Hence, you will be granted to travel to Singapore with the visa.
  2. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers will ask for the documents and check if you have properly met the requirements to enter Singapore at the Singaporean entry port. If the office finds any problems with your documents, then have the complete right to refuse your arrival in Singapore.
  3. If they grant you to enter into Singapore, they will provide you the Singapore short-term visit pass, in which it has mentioned that for how many days you are allowed to stay in Singapore. The average days that you are allowed to stay is somewhere between 14-30 days.

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Singapore Short-Term Visit Pass Extension

If you think that you wish to stay in Singapore much more than the time you were giving you to stay, you can increase your stay in Singapore by applying for the Singapore short-term pass extension.

This pass extension will grant you to stay in Singapore for a maximum of 89 days. The day of stay will be considered from the day you entered Singapore, not from that day when you applied for the short-term visit pass extension.

You can apply for the extension of the visit pass online through the ICS’s e-Service. If you cannot apply for the pass online due to any of the reasons, you can also apply by visiting the ICA offices in Singapore.

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The extension fee that needs to be paid is S$40 when any of the present valid pass holders are increased the validity of the pass for another three months or more from entering Singapore. This fee is to be charged for every extension of three months or more.

S$30 per visa (if the foreigner is applying for a visa)

Another S$30 will be applicable if the applicant has stayed in Singapore for more time than a visa-free period

Payment of the fees can be done by the following method:

  • American Express (AMEX) credit card or,
  • Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card or,
  • American Express (AMEX) credit card or,
  • Internet Direct Debit (DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB, Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank Internet Banking accounts in Singapore) or,

If you are willing to fill the application by visiting the counter, you will have to make the payment through CashCard or NETS.

Short Term Pass extension conditions

Some of the conditions to apply for the Singapore short term pass extension are as follows:

  • If you are subject to visas: You will need to contact the local sponsor who is at least 21 years of age and must own a SingPass account.
  • You will have to request the extension of the short-term visit pass minimum of three days prior to your expiry of the current visit pass.
  • After your visit to Singapore ends, you do not intend to return to your home country within the next five days.

Documents needed to get an extension.

Relevant Documents that you will require to submit for the visit pass extension are as follows:

  • A physical copy of the personal details page of your passport.
  • Your present valid visit pass.
  • You also require submitting the Disembarkation/Embarkation (D/E) card.
  • You will have to pay the pass extension free (S$40) through the valid and accepted credit card.
  • After you depart Singapore, the validity of your Singapore will be for a minimum ot six more months.
  • If you are looking to extend your stay in Singapore due to medical treatment, you will require to submit Form V75, which should be signed by the valid Singaporean doctor in which your medical conditions should be mentioned, along with how much more time you need to stay in Singapore.
  • If you are willing to extend your social visit pass and have your family member live in Singapore. You will have to present the documents that show your family relationships with the permanent resident or Singapore citizen.

While submitting these documents also you must hire a translation agency for document translation Singapore. Because even a single mistake can reject your short-term visit pass extension.

Documents depend on the case of the social visit pass, it is not also essential that these are the final documents. If ICA found the need to ask for further documents, they can ask for additional documents.

After all these things, you and your local sponsor need to undergo the interview.

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Appeal for reject short term visit pass extension

If due to an unknown reason, your request for the social visit pass extension gets rejected, you can appeal against the rejection by visiting the ICA office. You can appeal for rejection if you have any strong evidence that can support your application.

You can appeal for the rejected application by visiting the center along with your local sponsor (with whom you have attended the interview)

FAQs for Short Term Visit Pass

What is special pass Singapore?

A special pass is a card that allows the foreign national to stay in Singapore for special purposes like assisting in the investigation, for a stateless person living in Singapore, and attending court. Immigration and checkpoints Authority (ICA) and ministry of manpower (MOM) is the issuing authority of the special pass Singapore.

How do I make a re-appointment with ica?

To make an appointment with ICA, you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • In the first step, you need to visit the official website of ICA and click on the appointment link given on the right side.
  • After that, in the next step, choose the completion of student pass formalities.
  • Then in the next step, you will have to select the option “For self,” and enter your appointment ID and fill up your FIN number. These numbers and ID will be stated on your ICA In-principle approval letter.
  • After that, in the next step, you have to select the time and date mentioned below. Again, it is suggested that you should choose the time and date as earlier as possible.
  • Now your appointment is booked, be punctual.

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What is a short-term Visit Pass Singapore?

A short-term visit pass is the pass that allows you to visit Singapore as a tourist, for social purposes, or for seeking medical treatment. It is usually a pass that allows you to enter Singapore for a short period.

Can short-term Visit Pass holder enter Singapore?

Yes, short-term visit pass holders can enter Singapore, but only if you meet the needed requirements and submit the relevant documents. As an officer at the entry port, ask for the documents and check if you have met the requirements properly. If they find any mistake in the document, they have full right to refuse your arrival in Singapore.

Can I work in Singapore if I have a short-term visit pass?

No, you are not allowed to work with your short-term visit pass as with this pass, you can only arrive in Singapore as a tourist for social purposes and seek medical treatment. As per the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act 1990, you are required to apply for any of the work passes and permits issued by MOM if you wish to work in Singapore.

Can I extend my visit pass to Singapore?

Yes, you can extend your short-term visit pass prior to three days of the expiry of your valid visit pass. However, remember that you can only extend your short-term visit to 89 days ( this 89 days will be counted from the day you entered Singapore).

How do I extend my stay in Singapore?

To extend your stay in Singapore, you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • All the related extension application need to be submitted online using the e-service
  • If, due to any of the reasons, you are unable to submit your short-term visit pass application online, you have another option to submit the application; you can Mail to their official mail Id for further assistance. Email Id
  • A security deposit might be required to complete the extension application process from your local sponsor in the last step. If the security deposit is needed, your local sponsor will be advised of the amount to be deposited and the preferred payment method.

What will happen if I overstayed in Singapore?

If you overstayed in Singapore, strict action would be taken against you. For example, if you stay in Singapore with a short-term visit pass for more than 90 days, you will sent to jail for six months and a fine of $4000. If you are not sent to jail, you will have to pay a fine of up to $6000.

What is the minimum salary requirement for S pass?

The minimum salary requirement for the S pass holder is $2500 for young graduates. The minimum salary requirement may be higher for the highly experienced candidate.
What is a social visit?

The social visit is referred to the informal gathering held by the organized group to promote communal activity and companionship.

What is a social visit pass in Singapore?

A social visit pass in Singapore is issued to the foreign nationals who are willing to visit Singapore as a tourist, seeking medical treatment and social visits.

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