Interesting Facts about Mandarin Chinese Language in Singapore

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Chinese Mandarin Language Facts

Posted By Singapore Translators | Publised At 11/20/2019
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Interesting Facts About Singapore Mandarin Language

Singapore Mandarin Chinese language is the most common Chinese dialect which is the most spoken language in the world. In total, there are over 900 million Mandarin speakers who are native Mandarin Chinese speakers. In the Chinese language, Mandarin is not just the only language, it is, in fact, one of the dialects of the Chinese language. Now let us check some interesting facts and figures about the popular Chinese dialect that is the Mandarin Chinese language. 

Singapore Mandarin Language Facts

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Interesting Figures Facts of Singapore Mandarin Language

These are some of the true facts about Mandarin Chinese language which are sure to surprise you. These are as follows:

  • Origin of Chinese Mandarin Language 

Mandarin Chinese language was formerly the dialect of North and South – Western China. It was developed from the regional variants of Middle Chinese since the 10th century. Mandarin Chinese is chosen to be the most standard form of Chinese language it has the ability to make China united. The earliest form of Mandarin Chinese was Middle Chinese and Old Mandarin. 

  • Large Groups of Speakers:

You will be surprised to know that in the whole world the total count of native Mandarin speakers is 955 million speakers. This is almost 13 % of the total population of the world. Moreover, Mandarin Chinese is also one of the official UN languages of the United Nations. Mandarin dialect in the Chinese language is spoken by most of the Chinese people and hence it is also regarded to be the official language of China. Mainland China has the highest speakers of Mandarin language. 

  • Largest Language Characters:

Mandarin Chinese has the largest among all the characters used in a particular language. The total number of characters is 50,000 but even if you read and write Mandarin Chinese every day, you will use the 2500 characters among the 50,000 characters. 

  • The simplicity of Chinese Grammar:

Mandarin Chinese grammar is simple and easy to understand. The Chinese Mandarin language does not require the use of tenses and verb conjugations. Moreover, this is the only language that lacks gender-specific nouns along with singular and plural nouns. 

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  • The effect in Other Languages Like English:

Mandarin Chinese language has also its effect upon languages like English. For example, words like ‘Sha fa’ means sofa in English. 

  • Using Other Type of Brain:

Speaking Mandarin Chinese is also an interesting view. You will see that when we speak in English, the only left side of the temporal lobes is required. On the other hand, when you speak Mandarin Chinese both temporal lobes are needed. This is required to differentiate between words that might have different tones in Mandarin. 

  • Oldest Language in the World:

The development of the Mandarin Chinese language began to take shape around 4000 years back. It developed in Northern China between the 10th century and 11th centuries.  The oldest dialect of Mandarin came from the dialects spoken in Northern plains of China. These new dialects also encouraged to develop a new generation of Mandarin literature. 

  • Differences in Language Tone:

One of the most challenging factors about the mandarin Chinese language is that its tone affects the meaning of different words. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language and it includes various types of tones like flat, rising, falling and rising and vice versa.

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