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When you enter Singapore you need to translate many documents to confirm your stay. One of the most popular documents is the Long Term Visit Pass. If you are a foreign national who wants to stay more than a month in Singapore, then you need to apply for Long Term Visit Pass. While applying for this pass you need to submit various documents. If these documents are not in English, you should translate documents for long term visit pass in Singapore.

So, here we will discuss Singapore’s Long Term Visit Pass. We will also discuss all the processes associated with applying for this visiting pass.

Translate Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore

What is Singapore’s Long Term Visit Pass?

Singapore Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) is an entry pass for staying in Singapore for more than 30 days. Foreign nationals visiting Employment pass or S Pass holders in Singapore need to have this visiting pass. LTVP is issued to specific family members like step-child- or handicapped child, spouse, and parents to those EP and SP holders who are earning over $12,000 in Singapore.

What Are the Types of Long-Term Visit Pass in Singapore?

There are 2 types of Long-Term Visit Pass in Singapore. It is issued by 2 different Singapore based organization. Moreover, the eligibility requirements and application procedure differ from each other. The 2 types of LTVPs are:

  1. LTVP Issued by The Singapore Immigrant & Checkpoints Authority (ICA):

The Singapore Immigrant and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) issued this type of Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP). It is available to those foreigners who want to extend their stay in Singapore for more than 30 days. This pass functions like an extension of your current short- term visit pass.

  1. LTVP Issued by The Ministry of Manpower (MOM):

The second type of Long- Term Visit Pass is available for the issue with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to those people who wants to live with their family member in Singapore for more than 30 days. This type of pass is issued for those family members of Singapore-based EP and SP holders who are not eligible for getting a Dependant Pass.

Who Are Eligible to Apply for Singapore Long Term Visit Pass?

The eligibility criteria for applying Singapore Long Term Visa Pass are as follows:

  • LTVP Under ICA

You can apply for Singapore LTVP under ICA only if you are the spouse of a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Moreover, if you are the dependent child of a Singapore citizen or PR status holder who is less than 21 years of age can apply for LTVP under ICA. Even parents of Singapore citizens or PR holders are eligible to apply for LTVP. LTVP is also applicable for those students who want to look for a job in Singapore after passing out of their university. Even the relatives of students studying in Singapore can apply for this pass.

  • LTVP Under MOM

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issues Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) to those family members of Singapore employees who are not eligible to get a dependent pass. A foreign employee in Singapore can bring their family member to stay with them for more than 30 days only if they have LTVP. The eligibility of getting an LTVP under MOM is only valid if the Singapore employee has Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass. Moreover, it is also important that the EP or S Pass holder can apply LTVP to bring their family member to stay with them only if they are earning at least $6,000 monthly while working with a registered Singapore company. MOM also issues LTVP for family members of an Entre Pass holder or a personalized employment pass holder.

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Documents Required for Applying Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore

If you are applying for Singapore LTVP at the ICA then you need to submit a photocopy of your passport’s personal particulars page, passport photos, and Disembarkation/ Embarkation Card. Other additional documents required for submission are marriage certificate, educational certificates, Letter of Long-Term Visit Pass Eligibility, Child’s birth certificate, adoption papers, students pass card, etc. If the LTVP application is at the MOM then you need to submit a common-law certificate’s copy, a letter from the embassy, child custody papers, vaccination requirement letters, etc.

Thus, these are not the definite list of the required documents. You need to submit the most needed one only after consulting with the immigration officials. If it is required, you have to submit more documents to apply for Singapore LTVP.

Translation of Documents for Obtaining Long Term Visit Pass

It is important to submit all the original documents for applying for Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore. If your documents are not the English language, you should consider having a translation of documents for obtaining a Long Term Visit Pass. You can take help from a professional translation agency in Singapore by hiring professional translators.


Now that you know what is all about Singapore’s Long Term Visit Pass. So, let us again sum up it all.

  1. 1 Who can use Singapore LTVP?
  2. 1. Common Law spouse, stepchild or handicapped child or Singapore citizens parents can apply for LTVP.

Q.2. Who can apply for LTVP?

  1. 2. Singapore employee’s employer or employment agent can apply for LTVP on their family’s behalf.
  2. 3. Can you renew LTVP?
  3. 3 Yes.

Therefore, these are all about the concept of the LTVP application in Singapore. While applying for this pass, you should translate all the documents into English, which is valid for applying for LTVP.

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While applying for Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore, you need to submit various documents in the English language. If your documents are not in the English language then you should pay professional translators online for obtaining Long Term Visit Pass translation services in Singapore.

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