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Posted By Singapore Translators | Publised At 25/08/2021
Last Modified: 12th Oct 2023

Many foreign individuals apply for work permits to start working in Singapore lawfully. Later on, while holding work permits either as a foreign worker or foreign domestic worker, they intend to upgrade their work permit to the S pass and often search for “how to apply s pass from work permit”.

In this situation, the first question that arises in every individual‘s mind is whether we can upgrade our work permit pass to an S pass and where to get the work permit converted to an S pass.

Yes, you have the option to upgrade your work permit to an S pass, provided that you fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Manpower. However, the Ministry of Manpower also provided the facility of an online self-assessment tool with the help of which individuals can check the eligibility criteria to apply for an S pass.

Considering the queries of the individuals, we have outlined some of the facts related to the up-gradation of work permits to S pass Singapore and some of the facts related to the self-assessment tool (SAT). Continue reading the article to clear all doubts.

Upgrading Work Permit to S pass in Singapore

Facts on Conversion or Upgrading of a Work Permit to an S Pass Singapore

There are a few facts that every individual should consider before converting or upgrading their work permit pass to an S pass. Some of the facts are given below:

  • Check eligibility: The very first thing that you need to ensure is that the work permit holder is eligible to convert their S pass by using the S pass self-assessment tool. You can get access to the self-assessment tool by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Manpower at mom.gov.sg.
  • Who can apply for it- Once all the related requirements of the S pass are fulfilled, your employer or the appointed authorized Employment agency can apply for the S pass on behalf of the actual pass holder.
  • Is it open for all Nationalities: Another thing that every individual needs to consider is whether the S pass is open for all nationalities. Luckily, conversion or upgrade to an S Pass is open for all nationalities.
  • Can you remain in Singapore during conversion: The individuals are granted remain to in Singapore while the application for the conversion is being made only if the work permit is valid.
  • Can Employer cancel your WP: The employer applying for the conversion or upgrading of the Work permit to an S pass is not granted to cancel the work permit until the S pass is approved.
  • Can WP be extended pending the outcome of conversion: In case the current work permit is about to expire prior to the outcome of the S pass application? Then in such a situation, the employer applying for the conversation on your behalf can submit an application to request the extending of a work permit to allow you to stay in Singapore.
  • Extension of the work permit: In order to extend your work permit, you are required to sign in to your WPOL e-services and request an extension.
  • The outcome of the extension is in the hands of the Ministry of Manpower.

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Facts on Self Assessment Tool (SAT)

his blog post will outline some facts on self-assessment tools in Singapore in order to help those who are considering taking this test.

What is SAT in Singapore?

The self-assessment tool is an online tool that allows you to check if you are eligible for the employment pass or S pass based on the provided information, including educational qualification, work experience, and fixed monthly salary. You can access the self-assessment tool website by clicking on the given URL http://tiny.cc/i603kz.

Does SAT guarantee the outcome?

Do note that the self-assessment tool does not provide the guaranteed outcome of the application. That is why it is suggested not completed rely on this tool. This is because there are several additional checks to determine the eligibility criteria, including the employer’s quota (for S Pass) and the record usually considered in the assessment.

What can you do on the SAT?

There are a few things that you can do in the self-assessment online tool. Some of them are as follows:

  • Review and check the provided information prior to submitting the self-assessment.
  • Get the printout of the assessment result.
  • In terms of re-assessment, you are also granted to edit your details easily with SAT.

What should you do if your institution is not listed?

The Ministry of Manpower might not have a particular list of recognized institutions.

  • In the self-assessment tool and work pass application form, the Ministry of manpower has outlined the list of institutions usually taken in the work pass applications.
  • If your designated institutions are not presently on the list, you are required to key in the institution name given in the educational certificate.

What should you do if your qualification is not listed?

  • In case the level of qualification mentioned in the certificate is not currently present in the list of the online self-assessment tool, then in such a case, you can select the equivalent level from the given drop-down list,
  • You can also select the option not to declare the qualification in the self-assessment tool.

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About S Pass and Employment Pass in Singapore

The S Pass is only available for those who work as professionals or skilled workers in Singapore. If you have been thinking about working here, this post will tell you all about how to get your own pass!

What is an S Pass?

The S pass is a Singapore pass that allows mid-level skilled staff to start working in Singapore. In order to get eligible for this type of Singapore pass, the candidates need to fulfill the required fixed monthly salary and must have the required qualifications and work experience.

What is an Employment Pass?

Employment pass is another type of pass in Singapore, especially for foreign professionals holding a job offer in Singapore. In order to get eligible for this pass, foreign nationals are required to meet the given eligibility criteria.

Can a work permit holder buy a house in Singapore?

If you are a work permit holder, you will not be granted to purchase the public housing/HB in Singapore. Only Singapore permanent residents and citizens are allowed to purchase HDB flats in Singapore. All types of property, including public housing HB flats, are currently available for renting out to expatriates and foreigners.

How long can you stay in Singapore after the cancellation of the work permit?

If your work permit has been canceled without any prior notice before the final date of your employment, in that situation, you will get at least seven days following the date of termination of employment to terminate your work passes and related passes. However, you will also be provided 30 30-day short-term visit pass, which enables you to stay temporarily in Singapore.

Can the Work Permit be transferred?

You have the option to apply for the transfer of pass 40 to 21 days prior to the expiry of the current work permit. Moreover, if your concerned employer has already applied for a renewed work permit by that time, then you will not have the option to apply for the worker.

Can I apply S pass myself?

An employer or authorized third party must apply for a candidate’s S Pass. The employer or third party must have an employment/work pass transaction account with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and be registered for SPASS Online. The employer or third party will need to provide supporting documents such as a valid passport, qualifications, and work history of the candidate. Once submitted, MOM assesses the application based on the criteria of a minimum fixed monthly salary, relevant qualifications, and work experience. If the application is successful, MOM will issue an In-Principle Approval letter to the employer or third party. The candidate must then visit MOM with their passport within 14 days of receiving the approval letter in order to collect their S Pass card.

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Hopefully, after reading the above article on converting a work permit to an S pass have cleared all your related queries. However, it is suggested to thoroughly read every point before reaching a conclusion.

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