What is the Need of Translation in the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore?

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The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (‘IRAS’) is the government’s primary tax administrator. IRAS receives taxes that account for approximately 70% of the country’s operating income. It funds the social and economic policies of the government to achieve sustainable growth and an equitable society. In tax treaty agreements, IRAS also represents the government, draws up tax laws, and provides the government with guidance on property valuation.

What problems may arise if there are no IRAS translations

IRAS collaborates with tax officers as partners in operating the Singapore tax system and in promoting tax enforcement as part of its public involvement. As a legislative board under the Ministry of Finance, IRAS was established by legislation on 1 September 1992. Before that, the duties of IRAS were conducted by the Singapore Income Tax Department.  It was constituted in 1947 to administer the Income Tax Ordinance. It also administers the Income Tax Act by the Inland Revenue Department in 1960.

What does IRAS do?

The Inland Revenue Authority works with all of them in Singapore with all the questions either a person, or a business, or even a country might have on taxes. But collecting taxes of all forms and serving as a tax advisor to the government are the two key roles of the body that can be illustrated.

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) is the critical tax administrator to the Government. It gathers taxes that account for about 70% of the Government’s Operating Revenue. These taxes support the Government’s economic and social programs to achieve quality growth and inclusive society.

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What is the need for Translation?

New businesses:

If someone wants to set up a new business in Singapore or another country from Singapore, translation is essential. The person needs IRAS translation to start his or her new venture. So if you are someone who is planning to set up a new business, you need IRAS translation,

Thus, translation services are essential here as it assists in setting up a new business. If you don’t make use of translation, you may not be able to set up and even expand your business.

Foreign exchange:

Currency translation is the method of translating the foreign branches of a parent company’s financial results into their usable currency. Companies must communicate using the environmental currency in which cash is produced and spent primarily.

Currency translations use the rate of exchange for assets and liabilities at the end of the period under analysis. Foreign exchange requires IRAS translations for the exchange and better understanding. If there are no IRAS translations, it can create further problems.

Paying tax:

If you are someone who is staying abroad and wants to pay tax, you certainly require IRAS translations. Currency exchange is essential in this situation.

The exchange rate on the date on which the benefit or cost was recognized for the statement of income and the historical exchange rate on the date of the shareholder equity entry is recognized.

In a company’s consolidated statements of shareholder equity, gains and losses arising from currency conversions are registered.

What problems may arise if there are no IRAS translations?

Problems in economic transactions

Transaction exposure results from the impact that exchange rate fluctuations have on the commitments of the industry to create or accept foreign currency denominated payments. Disclosure of this type is short-term to medium-term in nature.

Translation exposure emerges from the impact of currency fluctuations on the consolidated financial statements of a company, particularly when it has international subsidiaries. This is a medium-term to long-term form of exposure.

Economic exposure is less understood than the previous two, but it is a significant risk. It is triggered by the effects on a company’s potential cash flows and market valuation of unpredictable currency fluctuations and is deep. The influence can be significant, as unanticipated adjustments in the exchange rate can have a substantial impact on the competitive position of a company, even if it does not operate or sell overseas.


IRAS plays a crucial role in several aspects. It pays a significant role in the economic sector- receiving and paying taxes. There are plenty of situations where the translation of IRAS is required. It is essential for several reasons. While if it is not done, it can cause problems and risks

An understanding of the possible effect of economic exposure will assist business owners in taking action to minimize this risk. Economic exposure is a risk that is not readily apparent to investors in periods of elevated exchange rate volatility. The identification of companies and stocks that have the most significant exposure will help them make better investment choices.

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