Who Can Translate My Documents Into English For Me?

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Most of the people in Singapore every year migrate to the United States of America for a better lifestyle. If you are also among that person who wants to live the American dream must go through the immigration or the green card process.

Who Can Translate My Documents Into English For Me?

In this migration process, you would be required to submit some document translation copies to the US embassy along with your immigration application form.

If your supporting documents are not in the English language then you must provide the embassy officials with a certified translated copy of the documents. Most of the peoples in Singapore usually have a common query on their mind which is “Who can translate my documents into English for me?”

Why Do You Need To Translate Your Documents Into the English Language?

As part of the US and other English speaking countries immigration process, you’ll need to submit a document which proves your claim to immigrate in this country.

Moreover, you are also required to submit only those documents which are in the English language. If the supporting documents are not in the English language you must provide the English language translated copy of the same document. It is also required to get certified from the language translator who translates your documents.

So, if you are looking out to translate your documents into the English language then this blog is the best guide for you to get document translation for immigration purposes. You will also know the procedure to obtain and submit the certified translated documents for your immigration to America.

Which Documents Do You Need To Get Translated?

While you plan to apply for immigration in the US you must first know which documents are accepted by the US Government for a green card application. Moreover, you must also know that whatever documents you submit should be in the English language.

The documents which are required to get submitted is a birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), divorce paper (if applicable), work permit, appointment letter, academic documents in case you are studying abroad, bank account statements, police records and any other such certified translation copies of documents.

Who Can Translate Your Documents In English?

You must be thinking of who can translate your documents in English. So, it is important that you must know that any person who is fluent in the languages of English and in the language written in the document is qualified to translate the documents.

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If the document language is in your native languages such as Malay or Mandarin then it is wonderful that you will be able to translate the document on your own.

If you are a good language translator or have past experiences of language translation then you can be your translator to translate documents for your immigration process. But since this language translation is for official purposes, it is better that you hire a professional translator.

They are the ones who can do a flawless translation of all the documents for your immigration. Since the immigration officials will review your documents then you must get a professional person who can translate the documents in Singapore without any delays or complications.

Moreover, before you hire any translators to translate your documents, you must consult about specific translation requirements with the US embassies and immigration consultants before you sign up with a translator for translating the documents.

After you gain all the information, you must find online about getting document translation in Singapore. You will get many translation companies in Singapore which offer the help of experienced language translators.

The most renowned SingaporeTranslators.Com is favored by many residents of Singapore. It has the best Singapore translators which provide translation to the places of Singapore like Jurong East, Seletar and other places around Singapore.

Inform Your Translators About Your Requirements!!

When you entrust upon the job of translating the documents intended for immigration to some translation company or a specific professional translator, you just inform them in advance about all the translation requirements and guidelines.

This is merely done so that there will be no problem faced by you in the future. You must specify the translators that if you need the translated documents to be hand-written or typed.

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Through hand-written documents are also accepted it is better that you avoid it and get a typed document. If the document is written by a translator who does not have good handwriting then your green card application document might get rejected. You must remember that no immigration officials will pass poor- quality documents.

Is It Necessary To Get The Documents Certified?

Officially the US government does not require the translated documents to be certified. However, the credentials of the translators are equally important to be certified. So, if possible it is the best idea to get a certification letter of the translators’ capability along with the translated document.

When you get a certification letter from the translator, you must see that the letter contains the proof of the translator if they are qualified and experienced to translate the document in English and also fluent in the document’s original language.

In addition to this, they must also declare that the translated document done by them is accurate and best of their knack. The certification letter also must feature the translators’ details such as their name, address, signature and also the date of writing the certification letter.

Thus, when all the translation and certification work is done, you must submit the translated copies, photocopies of the original documents along with the certification letter to the foreign immigration officials.

Important Advice to Follow

You must ensure that the translated documents are accurate and there will be no issues further in the immigration process. It is best to get help from the professional and reputed language translators who have the experience to translate documents for immigration purposes.

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Moreover, you must also see that the translated documents must be in an abbreviated version of the original document. The translation must be done with the exact version and sentences mentioned in the original language. You must also keep in mind that the translators must not make their own abbreviations.


When you get to translate your documents for immigration purpose you must be fully informed of all the requirements and guidelines. The translation must be done as mentioned in the immigration rules.

You will get the best translators in Singapore at SingaporeTranslators.Com to translate the documents in a perfect manner. So, whenever you need to get help in document translation Singapore, search for the best translators online at the website of this translation company.

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