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Certified True Copy of documents in Singapore

Certified True Copy Services Singapore

How to certify true copy in Singapore, is a common question for ex-pats and travelers of Singapore. Some native Singapore may need to certify true copy services. Singapore translation is providing true copy certification with a fast turnaround at affordable prices. We also provide certified copies of your documents that are required when you are applying for studies abroad.

Documents provided by our company are legal and authorized by government bodies in Singapore. So do not worry about the authenticity of the document provided by Singapore translators. We provide certified true copies of documents such as:

Certify true copy of documents Singapore for all  govt official’s: Genuine & identical 

True copy certification is required before applying your documents abroad. In other country translation of original documents is required. So after translation, certifying a true copy of documents will determine that the translated document is genuine and identical to the original document. Sometimes it is required to notarize the copy of the original document within the same country.

And the process of true copy certification will be different in both of the conditions. A certification on a copy of an original document is required for judicial and government purposes. Suppose your mother wants to give you the authority of managing her bank accounts. Then that requires a copy of the certified power of attorney.

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Certify true copy services for passport & Police certificates

Identification documents such as passports, police verified documents, driving licenses, birth certificates, education certificates, identity cards, bank statements, and utility bills are required to be certified when they are used in another country. A copy of an original document requires true certification. For proceeding in Singapore or abroad country, you need to exact certified true copy of passport or other documents in Singapore or another respective country. So, if you don’t know how to certify a true copy of your passport,  we can help you with our online services. 

That certification will determine that the copy is genuine and related to the original document. If you are searching services for certifying true copy Singapore of official documents then is the top choice. Here, our experts provide you with authentic and fast service which is very helpful for completing your needs.

Where to get a certified true copy of documents?

Don’t Stress, we will do certify a true copy of the documents. it’s a simple procedure. Firstly, the original document holder requests the true copy certification service. Original documents are required for the certification of copied documents. Custodian needs to provide original documents so that the notary person can cross-check the documents.

Can Chartered Accountants certify documents in Singapore?

Yes, we have professional CAs who can certify documents fr you. After this authorized person compares the copy document with the original document. Our certified true copy by a chartered accountant, Singapore will be identical to the original documents. And after clearing the entire conditions notary person will certify that the copy is accurate and complete. Our company will provide you with notary-certified true copy Singapore services with an easy and transparent process tracking benefit.

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Importance of Singapore true copy certification services

  1. Replace a misplaced or lost original document: – Whenever original documents of a company or individual are lost or misplaced then a certified copy of that document is helpful. That certified copy of the list document can work in the place of the original document.
  2. Additional proof of authenticity: – Some states allow fax filling or electronic filing of documents. And the documents approved by the state may not look official even they are official. So, true copy certification will help in providing additional proof of authenticity.

Need a Company that can certify a true copy of documents in Singapore?

How to get a certified true copy in Singapore? Singapore Translators is a well-known and legal company for providing notary, SAL, and ICA certified true copy services in Singapore for official documents. Have a look at the benefits of taking services from us.

  1. Proof of authenticity: – Certified copies provided by the Singapore translators are authorized and legalized by government bodies. If you want to use copied documents either within Singapore or outside Singapore do not worry about authenticity.
  2. Affordable price and instant service: – Certified experts from Singapore translators are providing true copy certification at affordable prices. You can get certified true copy Singapore cost-effectively of all your documents such as driving license, passport, medical, college documents, birth certificate, bank statements, etc instantly. That will save you time and money as well.
  3. An easy and simple process of certification: – All the services offered by us are easy to process. If the applying process is complex then it will create problems for their users. That is why the simple process is used in that enhances the experience of their users.
  4. Copy-certified documents can be used as originals: – Certification of the copy documents by the experts of Singapore translators will allow you to use them as original documents. If by a chance you misplace or lose your original document then you can use the true copy certified documents as the original one. That will provide you with additional safety to your original documents.

Who can certify a true copy of documents in Singapore?

There are various situations in which certification of true copies is required. Now the question arises who does this work of accreditation? The procedure in which documents get certified as true copies is called notarization and legalization.

Notarization certifies a document as a true copy of an original document that has been executed. The notarization of documents is done by a public notary. A public notary is an individual who has been authorized under the Public Notaries Act. Usually, a senior lawyer practicing in Singapore is a notary public.

Documents that are required to be notarized are present are:

  • Documents that need to be certified as genuine, such as photocopies of academic transcripts; and
  • ‘Authority’ documents that give authorization to someone to do specific tasks such as Power of Attorney. This type of document gets a sign in the presence of the notary public. Thus, a notary public can certify that the document got a proper signature.

Where are true certified copies required?

Certified true copies are required in certain situations. One of them is when you are setting up a business abroad. The second is when you own and manage a property overseas. Third, when you are involved in some legal proceedings like applying for a passport, applying for a visa, and other government-issued documents.

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Conclusion: – A true copy certification is either helpful for a company or an individual as well. If a company is expanding to the global level then copy certification will help in the legalization of their original documents in other countries. And an individual can truly copy certify his identification documents such as driving license, passport, and education documents. Authorized and legal professionals of Singapore translators will provide you with reliable and fast service.


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