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Translate Local & Foreign Driver License in Singapore

Are you looking for a reliable, certified, cheaper driving license translation service in Singapore for ICA official works? Relax! We understand you better, that’s why is providing you 100% human translated driving license document in Malay, Chinese, Spanish and more than 200+ languages. We pride our high-quality document translation services which will fulfill all your needs under your budget. Your government-authorized certificate will be translated free from errors by our expert native Singapore translators in just 24 hours or less with no extra cost.

Driving License Translation Services

Certified Driving License Translation Services In Singapore as per ISO standards

If you are setting up to drive in a foreign nation, you’ll possibly need a certified driving license translation services in order to rent a motor vehicle in Singapore. This can come as a blow to several travelers who find this out at the rental counter. We present expedited turnaround and, where possible, super accelerate services for situations like this. Our trusted driver’s license Translators can effectively translate driver license in Malay, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese clients. Singapore Translators your best bet for precise services for Driving License Translation Sinagapore delivered speedily and affordable.

Singapore Translators has been providing foreign driver license translation for different reasons by the travellers who are going overseas nations. Therefore, wherever you need a chinese driving license translation services in Singapore, you can hire us. Many countries settle down on the issuance of a driver’s license if they see that you have obtained a driver’s license in your local country.

Need To Translate Your Driving Permit 

There are numerous reasons for getting a certified translation of the driving permits. A few are as follows:

  1. Professional Reasons – The profession you applied for, out of the country, requires a driver’s license & you are including your driver’s license in the request. If the driver’s license was an issue in your local language, then it will have to be translated.
  2. Traveling – In case you travelling out of the country and think that you will be issued a provisional driver’s license if you can show your driver’s license from your resident land. Otherwise, you may need to translate a foreign driver’s license from a translator in Sinagpore in order to travel and move abroad.
  3. Tour – If the driving license that your nation of residence has issued will be acknowledged by your tour destination, such as entire Europe, North America, and the Middle East among numerous other regions.
  4. Special Purpose – You might also have an individual and special circumstance that may need that you get your driving license for translation in English.

These are a few of the different reasons a person needs a Legal Translation service of driving license. Occasionally the driver’s license translation needs to be notarized as well, and if you require a notarized translation, we can do it just as simple.

Get Fast & Accurate official notarization for ICA, MOM, MFA.

Translate driving license into various languages pairs

We understand very well that user majorly demands the following languages translation for his official paper translation –

  • Chinese To English translation of driving license 
  • Malay To English
  • Spanish To English
  • Japanese To English driving license translation
  • English To Chinese
  • Thai To English
  • convert Indonesian To English driving license
  • Korean To English
  • English To Korean

So we provide our best results in these languages translation of your government authorized certificate

You Must Know That Properly Translated Driving Licence Is Requirement Of Many Jobs – 

There are also jobs that need that you show a driver’s license in order to be valid and so you get your properly translated driving license.

There are numerous points at which the conversion of a driver’s license can be difficult. Firstly, the contents of the driver’s license diverge from nation to nation. Some countries issue appropriate books while other countries only issue cards. Numerous countries have levels of driving proficiency that is not universally familiar. That’s why the translation of a driving license from machines or any other can turn into a problematic Endeavor. So always hire a professional and experienced driving license translation specialist in Singapore from us.

What  Can We Actually Do When Driving License Translation Is Required?

When you require a driving license translation service in  Singapore, you get filled with doubts. It is really an extremely imperceptible matter, translating a driving license. When you obtain your driving license, you had been gone through a hard screening procedure. The training, the tests, and the certification, it was exhausting procedures in themselves. And now that you lastly have it, it’s not excellent for use in a different nation.

So yeah, you could get concerned, but not with us. At Singapore Translators, we have been translating driving licenses for the public all across the globe. We don’t want you to live with no luxury of driving your personal car, no matter where you live. A driving license is mainly significant for people who look for a driving job in a different nation. Most of the time, such experts opt for an international driving license but if you are not among them, you’ve got nothing to be concerned about. We will decode your driving license keeping the precise information intact.

Our specialists offering Singapore driving license conversion and any other paper that you might require in the country where you are travelling so that you can focus on other things that matter.

Hire a Language translator for converting your legal & Other Documents.

Why You Should Trust Singapore Translators For Your Legal Paper Translation Needs?

With 54,000+ customers and tens of millions of words translated, Singapore Translators is one of the most trusted sources for online language translation services in Singapore. Our staff of certified driving license Translators knows to complete your project on time with a high degree of precision while our support staff is accessible to you each step of the way. Read through our customer reviews to hear direct how we constantly live up to our promise of rapid turnaround times and grand quality delivering you the best value in the translation business.

Get certified driving license translation quick with easy efforts! You can order certified driving license translations by filling the form on this page. Our Singapore chinese driver license translation service is given by human based translators. Certified license translations are sent to your email, & hard copy posted if required.

  1. Our Expert Native Singapore Language Translators Are Ready To Help You 24*7 – Very responsive and informative client support is our precious facility. We offer human support to our customers to ensure maximum client satisfaction through the 365 days of the year.
  2. Multilingual Support – We have effectively expanded our client coverage through outstanding and strategic multilingual support services. You can actively engage our services irrespective of your society, and we will deliver outstanding services in 200+ languages that meet your project necessities. We also deal in academic translation services.


Q1. How your driving license translation guaranteed the confidentiality of documents?

During the process of translating driving license documents, we at Singapore translator suggest the client sign the confidentiality agreement, which guarantees the customer that all their personal information will be kept safe. As a result, we ensure the confidentiality of all customer documents and adopt measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer information.

Q 2. How accurate is your translation of your driving license?

With Singapore translators, we are highly proficient in providing accurate driving license translation without sacrificing the quality of translation. When providing translation services, we place emphasis on both top quality and accuracy.

Q 3. How much should I pay to translate my driving license, and what are the payment methods?

There is no way to give you an accurate overview of the cost of a driving license translation service as it depends entirely on the type of document you are having translated. Document translation can involve numerous paperwork steps, so estimating the price can be difficult. Furthermore, if you are only looking to acquire translation of the words, the translation cost will be somewhat lower. On the other hand, if you want proofreading, notarization, editing, etc., along with your word translation, then there is a good chance that the cost of translation will rise.

Our translation services singapore offer a convenient payment method, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal accounts when it comes to payment methods.

In the case of urgent translation, an additional fee will be incurred. However, we also offer remarkable discounts on bulk orders. To learn more regarding the payment terms and methods, please contact Singapore Translators directly at

Q 4. How many languages you can translate driving license Singapore?

As a matter of fact, our translators can translate your driving license into any language regardless of where you are immigrating and willing to drive a vehicle in Singapore. They have the necessary skills to translate your foreign language document into any language as you requested. As of now, there are over 500 language professionals within the company, familiar with over 200 different languages, including Bahasa, Malaysian, Malay, French, English, Spanish, Chinese, and so on.

Q 5. What is the average work time for the translation of a driving license?

The average work time for the driving license translation service depends on which language you seek to get translated. Our translators managed to deliver the quality driving license translation service well prior to the deadline specified in the submission form.

Q 6. Can you notarize the translation of the driving license?

Yes, our translators provide the notarization of the driving license translation service. To notarize a translated document, we have a team of professional translators that hold the necessary skills and experience. Notarization can only be performed on request by the client.

Q 7. Does your service provide any refund to translate driving license?

No, our Driving license translation service cannot be refunded. Once you pay for the translation, we cannot refund it. That’s why it is suggested to be sure that you actually require such service before paying. Though if you want any modifications to be made to the documents, our best translators will be glad to do so.

Q 8. What will be the format for the translation of a foreign driver’s license?

Our translators do not use a consistent format when translating foreign driving licenses as it varies based totally on what their clients require. Our translators offer the following formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerPoint, .tiff, .html, etc.

Q 9. Is there any difference between your driver’s license translation and other translations?

Yes, there is a major difference between driver license translation and several other translation services, as each translation comes with separate procedures and approaches. Similarly, the cost of the translation also varies.

Q 10. Will your driver’s license translation provide hardcopies?

No, we do not provide you with hard copies of the Driving license translated documents with our translation package. Whether or not you want hard copies depends entirely on what you expect from us. Whenever you desire hard copies of the translated document, you must inform our support team of the same. So they will update if there is a possibility to share the same. We can offer hard copies of the notarisation and SAL verified document but not of the translated original version due to pandemic issues. Notarised documents can be collected from the notary person office to whom the task is assigned.


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