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Certified Email Translation Services in Singapore

SingaporeTranslators.Com is the leading service provider of document, video and other types of translation services in Singapore. When peoples approach the professional email translators from this translation agency for email translation they get the best works of translated documents in the form of emails. We are working with 500+ professional translators over 200 languages like Malay, Chinese, Spanish, English, Thai, French, Korean, etc.

Email Translation Services

Emails are one of the important means of global communication in today’s modern world. This is the most common and fastest means of communication where peoples connect with each other irrespective of the location. When peoples belonging to different language and culture communicates through emails, then the need for availing email translation services arises.

Most of the educational institutes, companies, and other organizations rely heavily upon the only source of global communication – “Email”. Thus, in Singapore where various peoples from different cultural backgrounds meet online, “Email” is the primary source of communication.

There are various translation companies offering professional email translation services that are quite common and are widely available. In Singapore, there are various translation companies that offers premium services to translate email composed from one language to another. In this context, you will get reliable, cheapest and accurate email translation services from one and only SingaporeTranslators.Com.

Why Do You Need Email Translation Services?

You will feel the need to get email translation services when you will receive an email in a language in which you are ignorant about it. The world is a small place thanks to the development of the internet and the World Wide Web. So, when peoples exchange emails between people with different cultures and language differences, the lack of a common and shared language arises as to the main problem. Thus, in this regard, you need to get a translated copy of the emails which you have received in a different language.

Emails are widely used for sectors like education purposes, jobs, corporate communication, business & marketing. So, when you go beyond the language barrier and communicate with the people via email in these sectors, there is also an important need and requirement for email translation services.

Features of Email Translation Services through Us

The translated documents are also accepted and used at all government and private organizations such as Courts, Business organizations, government authorities by the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority), LTA (Singapore Land Transport Authority) and MOM (Singapore Ministry of Manpower).

Get Fast & Accurate official notarization for ICA, MOM, MFA.

Following are the features of email translation services you will get at SingaporeTranslators.Com, which are:

  • Professional translators help in all kinds of document translation and typeset services in various languages especially the best email translation.
  • A great and strong strength of over 1,000 translation specialists delivering consistent translation projects of multi-lingual emails every day to our customers.
  • Multi-lingual translation professionals offering a translation of emails for many languages which includes Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Malay, Indonesian, English, etc.
  • Authentic and accurate translation of emails with the right tone.


As you know, email is one of the most important means of the cheapest and fastest communication medium. Emails can be connected with each other wherever you.  So, when emails are exchanged between various language and cultural groups, translation of emails are required. Thus, you can get accurate email translation services from SingaporeTranslators.Com in an accurate manner at affordable prices online.


Q 1. What sort of accuracy do your email translation services possess?

We offer you an email translation service that is extremely accurate without sacrificing the translation quality. And our translation services Singapore,  believes that top quality and accuracy are two of the most important factors considered while providing the translation service.

Q 2. Can you tell me how much an Email translation will cost?

No one can exactly give you a brief of the Email translation service as it entirely depends on what kind of document you are getting translated. Numerous paperwork and procedures are involved in document translation, so it isn’t easy to estimate the price. Also, if you just want the words translated, the translation costs will be somewhat lower. As opposed to that, if you wish to have the translation along with proofreading, notarization, editing, etc., the translation cost will likely increase in that case.

If you need an urgent translation, that might incur an additional charge. However, we also offer amazing discounts on bulk orders. For a detailed Discount policy, please e-mail us at

Q 3. What can be the usual format for the Email translation?

In regards to email translation service, there is no set format our certified translators use as it varies entirely depending on their clients’ requirements. A number of formats are provided by our translators, including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Powerpoint, .tiff, .html, .htm, and .xhtml.

Q 4. Do you know when it will be likely to get my Email translated?

One cannot tell you exactly the date on which you can get an Email translation. It will entirely depend on how much effort is put into translating. Our perfect teamwork lets us deliver the translation work as earliest as possible. Since it is difficult to describe the document’s timeline, we still managed to deliver the translation work far before the deadline indicated in the submission form.

Q 5. Is a hard copy of the translated Email be available?

Yes, at Singapore translators, you can acquire a hard copy of the email translation service. But you will require specifying to our translators that you need hard copies of the translated documents. For acquiring hard copies, additional charges may apply. The cost of the hard copies will be dependent on the number of copies you require.

Q 6. Can your Email translation service be refunded?

For email translation, there aren’t any refund policies provided by us. After you paid money for the translation, we cannot refund it. Though if you want any alterations in the translated documents, we are always willing to do that with our best translators.

Q 7. Can I use this email translation anywhere else as well?

Yes, you may use the email translation at any time anywhere. However, any email translation provided by our translators must be considered in any situation.

Q 8. Does Notarization of email translations by your agency is possible?

Yes, we offer notarization services for email translations at our translation agency. However, such services are offered upon request and with the approval of the client.

Q 9. How long have your email translations been valid?

Our translators do not provide email translations that expire after a certain period. Translations expire if the original document changes or expires; otherwise, they will remain valid.


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