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We provide contract translation services in more than 200 languages counting German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic, Malay, Korean. etc we decode contracts from every language into English. We have a tested squad of in-country authorized translators, several of whom practicing lawyers and confirmed translators. Our company offers Document Translation services of contracts and authorized agreements that are accepted by courts and management bodies worldwide. We frequently translate real-estate contracts, employee contracts & partnership agreements.

Employee Contracts Translation Services Singapore

Employee Contracts Translation Services By Expert Singapore Translators

Employee Contracts Translation from one language to another is a procedure that demands accuracy and close attention to features. Whether you are an international corporation with offices abroad or a local industry with non-English speaking workers, Singapore Translators can offer consistent, trustworthy, and fast employee contracts translation services in over a hundred languages.

We translate contracts and official documents for corporations, law firms & private individuals. If you require an official translation for submission to a court, an administrative agency, or an embassy we can stamp every page with our corporation seal and offer you a corporation certificate.

Ensuring Your Contracts are legally binding

If you’re uncertain of the significance of having contract translation be handled by knowledgeable translation experts, it’s worth considering the numerous different kinds of contracts and legal documents that may require to be translated throughout the course of your company’s global business.

In general, any lawfully binding agreement of any type needs to be vetted and explained by an LSP with wide experience translating for the language and culture your industry is serving.

Our Employee Manuals and Policies provide well-organized, expert, and costs friendly resources for translating all contract-associated documentation. In situations where you agreement foreign workers or if you are providing employment abroad, you may need contractual documentation to be translated. We present this service across an extensive range of European and global languages English, Polish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, to name but a few).

We only use local translators, so you can rest certain that all terminology relating to financial and economic terms will be dealt with exactly, ensuring you meet the lawful standards necessary of an Employment Contract translation. Moreover, finished translations were submitted for review to in-house proofreaders, assuring the best quality service. Our professional translators also deal with Academic Translation services.

Get Fast & Accurate official notarization for ICA, MOM, MFA.

Make Sure It’s Done Right With Our Expert Translators and editors

Because we’re careful regarding your project, we need our translators to be a cut above the rest. In order to provide you well, they should be native speakers of their languages and have years of knowledge in the industries for which they perform legal document translation. Several translators are attorneys who have lived & worked in other countries giving them first-hand knowledge of the local language and legal terminology.

You also have the additional assurance that all legal translation services are carried out manually. You’ll never suffer at the hands of dubious, computer-generated, translations that often have embarrassing and expensive results.

Customized Legal Document Translation

One of our professional legal translators was specially selected for your project based on knowledge and native language abilities. Equipped with translation memories, particular legal dictionaries & other aids; your translator will work as part of your squad to create the accurate translation of legal documents you need. Select from Spanish legal translations, French legal translations, and more.

Consider the Business Need for an Employee Contracts Translation

Even if there is no overarching rule that needs a local language report of employment contracts, you may decide to have translations ready anyway. There are practical and industry realities that might make it beneficial to have signed documents in foreign offices, and for overseas employees, translated from English to the neighboring languages.

In Spain, for example, an employment contract has to not be in Spanish. But, copies of employment agreements should be filed with the Spanish government’s employment authorities. Accordingly, it is obliging from a practical standpoint to have the English service agreement translated to Spanish.

As one more example, in China, a worldwide code of conduct policy needs to get through a collective review by the affiliate of the Chinese workforce in that corporation.  Our expert also provides you with employee handbook translation services at a very budget-friendly cost.

Hire a Language translator for converting your legal & Other Documents.

Why choose Singapore Translators for Employee Contracts Translation

For all agreement translations & contract translations, you could not do superior to us for accurate and expert work and quick delivery. We have built up a status for our core team of very expert human translators who work hard to match time limits and produce quality translations that are the top in the industry. If you desire your overseas business to thrive, you will require to get your agreement and contract papers, which essential ingredient in the victory of your industry, translated as soon as possible by our top-notch contract and agreement translation service.

You can get additional information about the translation services we present, or book a consultation with one of our translators by clicking on the Contact Us tab above. We’re here to assist you.

In addition to offering a translation service, we also offer consultation & certification. Consequently, any document submitted for translation will also be licensed. Also, you will capable of submitting it with any applicable authority dealing with your Employment Contracts.

If you have some queries about the translation of Employment Contracts, please get in touch with us. At Singapore Translators we aim to offer expert advice suited to all of our customer’s specific requirements. In this regard, we can notify you of the different bureaucratic systems depending on where you need the translated Employment Contracts to be used.


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