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In Singapore, there are any export companies that are involved in exporting goods from Singapore to other countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China, India, etc. So, the exporters involved in the export business must gain custom relevant export permits for exporting goods from Singapore to other countries.

Moreover, they also require export permit translation services along with related business document translation services. This is necessary for smooth and flawless export business with other countries.

These exporters when transport goods to other countries, need to send documents to their import companies abroad. These documents which need translation are custom export permit certificate and trade retaining documents. Translation services in Singapore are offered by various good translation companies. One of the most renowned Singapore translation service providers who can offer accurate translation of Export permit translation is SingaporeTranslators.Com.

Here, you can get Singapore translation services from those professional translators who are actually the native speakers of the target country’s language.

What Are The Relevant Documents of Export Permits Which Needs To Be Translated?

Document translation needed for

  • Custom Export Permit Certificate:  The exporters must obtain for the permit documents like Custom export permit certificate before exporting goods from Singapore to the countries of the USA, UK, China, India, etc. If the exporters have the custom export permit certificate then they do not have to pay Goods and Service Tax (GST) and duty for goods which are exported from Singapore. Another export permit-related documents that need translation is commercial receipts and invoices which is being sent to the overseas partner which has provided the export goods to the Singapore exporter.
  • Other Trade Documents:   Other trade-related documents like invoices, books of accounts, lading bills, packing lists, certificate of origin, certificate of analysis, insurance certificate, trade-related documents of purchase, import, sale, exported goods by the exporter or importer any of their agent, good clearance documents and conventional cargo and hand-carried goods. These are some of the document which is needed for translation.

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For example, if Singapore exporters are sending goods to foreign countries like China, then they must translate all these documents from English to Chinese. If native Chinese translators are hired for translation, then they will effectively and perfectly translate the documents so that your Chinese trade partner will get to read and understand easily all the documents sent by you in their own native Chinese language.

How to Apply For Custom Export Permit Certificate?

Before you take up translation services, you must apply for an export permit certificate if you want to export goods from Singapore. This involves the following actions like:

  • Register your company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or register yourself with applicable Unique Entity Number (UEN) from an agency that issues these documents.
  • It is also important to activate your custom accounts or make a new one.
  • After you apply for the above documents, you must hire a declaring agent who can apply for the customs export permit certificate on behalf of your client’s trading company based out in Singapore or for your own shipment of goods.
  • It is also important for the declaring agent for registering themselves as a declaring agent and applies for the export permit via Trade Net.
  • All types of export permit documents are obtained through Trade Net. Trade Net front end solutions are purchased from any certified solution provider or through approved government front-end applications.

Thus, if you follow the above steps then you can get your export permit at just $2.88. Moreover, there will be added charges charged by the declaring agent. Thus, all these documents are legal documents and you must also get services of legal translations Singapore online.

What Are the Translation Services Provided By Singapore Translators for Export Permit Translation?

All the trade and export-related documents are translated by professional translators very accurately, keeping in mind for both tone and terminologies. Only native translators are hired by the SingaporeTranslators.Com for export permit translation.

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This is because the native translators are able to understand both sets of languages, and also know the use of the right tone. Moreover, to maintain the quality of the translated text, editing and proofreading services are also provided.


The professional translators at SingaporeTranslators.Com are very professional and experienced to offer all types of translation services for export permit-related documents. Thus, it is best to hire translators from Singapore Translators for translating all types of export permit documents. Moreover, you can also get the delivery of all the translated documents within the deadline at your email address. The translators also offer the most affordable translations service in Singapore.


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