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As the leading translation company in Singapore, ICA document translations can be obtained from the experts at SingaporeTranslators.com. Our translation agency has a long history of 20+ years of providing trusted foreign document translation services for customers across languages big or small business organizations and individuals looking to have their official paperwork translated accurately every time.

ICA document translations are some of the most common requests that we receive as many businesses are looking to expand their services into Singapore. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is the government organization responsible for handling all immigration matters in Singapore. As such, they have a strict set of requirements when it comes to the documents that they will accept.

The ICA accepts our certified translation with notary & SAL authentication. Your documents are in good hands, as they are in ours, because to our experience with document translation for ICA. To get started with translation services Singapore ICA, simply send us your document(s) for a free quote. We will then assign a team of professional language translators to work on your project and deliver the finished.

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Official Translation Of ICA Document In Singapore

ICA document translations can be done in a number of different languages, depending on your needs. We have a team of professional language translators in Singapore who are native speakers of the target language and are experts in converting ICA documents to english. Here is a list of some of the languages that we offer ICA translation services for:

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ICA Translation Services In Singapore provides top-quality document translation services to help you with all your immigration document translation needs. We translate all types of immigration documents to english or any other language:

Need for ICA Document Translation Service In Singapore

There are many reasons why you might need an ICA translation service in Singapore. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to choose Singaporetranslators.com. We are the best in the business, providing official translations at an affordable price. Plus, we're quick! We fulfill all your ICA translation requirements.. So if you need sworn translators Singapore for ICA documents, don't hesitate to contact us today!

Permanent Residency Application

The Permanent Resident application process requires numerous documents, including your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and educational qualifications. All of these documents need to be translated into English before you can submit them as part of your application.


In order to become a Singaporean citizen, you must first be a Permanent Resident. Part of the citizenship application process includes a language test in which you must demonstrate proficiency in one of the four official languages of Singapore: English, Chinese, Malay, or Tamil. If you are not a native speaker of one of these languages, you will need to have your documents translated in order to take the test.


If you are planning to travel to Singapore, you will need to have your passport and visa translated into English. This is a requirement of the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.


Many employers in Singapore require that job applicants have their documents translated into English. This is especially common for jobs that require a high level of proficiency in English, such as customer service, sales, or marketing positions.

Pay To Get Certified ICA Translation Services In Singapore

Our team of knowledgeable consultants is here to advise and guide you on the whole process so that you can have a hassle-free experience with our certified translation services Singapore.

The first step is to get your documents translated by a professional ICA Translation Service provider, i.e. Singapore Translators. This will ensure that all the required documents are accurately translated and meet the requirements of the ICA.

Once the translation is done, our team of Singapore editors & proofreaders and quality assurance experts will check the documents for any errors or discrepancies. Only error-free documents will be delivered to you.

Once we are confident about the quality of our work, we will issue a certificate of ICA Translation Service to you. This will certify that your documents have been accurately translated and meet all the requirements of the ICA. We provide our certification on the company's letterhead by seal sign & signature. We also provide true copy services, the documents translated by us is considered as ica accepted true copy.

At the end of the translation, it will be notarized by a lawyer who is also qualified to certify translations. The notary's seal and signature guarantee that the document is authentic and legal. In the notarization procedure, verification of the translator's signature is part of the process. We provide Singapore notary public services to notarize your documents at affordable price.

The last step is to get your documents authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). The SAL is the only organization in Singapore that can authenticate ICA documents. We help you with this process and get your documents authenticated by the SAL.

FAQs - Translation Of ICA Documents

Ans.The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore does not have a specific list of private translation companies. We do however offer our certification services for any certified translations with Notary & SAL authentication, and 100% guarantee that they will be accepted into ICA submissions as long as it adheres to these standards.
Ans.Yes, ICA accepts our notarised translation service. Our team of certified translators can provide you with a correctly translated document that is accepted by the ICA. Notarisation is also available upon request.
Ans.Unfortunately, the ICA will not accept self-translations. You must hire a private translation company and have it done by an official Notary Public along with SAL authentication in order for your documents to be considered valid.
Ans.Yes! We can notarise the documents if you provide a certified translation from an other private company in Singapore. You will get both a certificate and SAL authentication.
Ans. The standard turnaround time for ICA document translation is 2-3 working days. If you need it urgently, we also offer a 24 hour express service at an additional cost.
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