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Certified Translation Services in Singapore for of Your Immunisation Card Translation

Need your Immunisation Card translated as evidence that you or your kid have received up-to-date detailed vaccinations or that you may have critical allergies to certain substances to contraindicate particular vaccines?  With a multilingual person in-house who focus on medical terminology, especially in vaccine names, acronyms, and abbreviation, and a devotion to providing only the best Immunisation Card Translation services in Singapore.  We at Singapore Translators, professionally translate your Immunization Card.

Certified translations of Immunisation Card are frequently required when travelling overseas, applying for a visa or for immigration (USCIS acceptance in the U.S.). These records confirm your vaccination history and the complete and precise translation is significant to avoid delays or rejections in the paperwork submittal procedure.

Our Certified Document Translation services have successfully translated thousands of Immunisation Card. No matter which of the 60 languages we support you require your Immunization Card translated to or from, Singapore Translators is your most excellent bet for a precise translation delivered rapidly and affordable.

We specialize in the translation of any kind of official government document. We offer our customers with a professional Singapore Certified Immunisation Card Translation which established by all government and non-government organization.

Reasons for Certified Immunisation Card Translation by an Expert

Having just anybody try to translate your medical documents is not an excellent idea. This mainly true if the translator you select not used to handling medical papers. Precise translation requires that the person doing the job recognize the common abbreviations and terms that come out on your immunisation record.

Mistakes could signify that you end up getting a vaccine that you previously have, requiring you to unnecessarily spend money while possibly ending up with fitness problems.

Even worse, a terrible medical translation might lead a doctor to think you have already had a particular vaccine when you haven’t. An added concern is that your wrong medical translation could lead you to be quarantined by customs or just unable to travel, even after taking all the good steps to vaccinate yourself.

When you require your medical records translated, rely on an expert translation company like Singapore Translators. And rest simple knowing your files are precise and up-to-date. We offer Language translation services at a very reasonable cost.

Highly Qualified Medical Translators  In Singapore for all Major Language

We offer professional life sciences translation services through a devoted team of extremely qualified language translation expert who has considerable familiarity within an extensive array of medical and life science sectors. Our services are frequently called upon by medical, pharmaceutical & healthcare facilities, and manufacturers, individual healthcare expert and administrations, and numerous others.

The Singapore Translators’ language translation squad comprises of numerous professional translators who specialize in an extensive variety of languages and industry-specific familiarity and experience.  High-quality life sciences translations are accessible for almost every pair of languages, and nearly any medical or life science division. We also have a separate team who deal with providing you with Academic Translation services.

The exclusive business processes that we have in place make sure that each project awarded to the most appropriate translator. Singapore Translators’ exclusive bid management system make sure that you get your paper for the most excellent rates. We also have a quality assurance system, where a second translator proofreads to make sure it’s quality and accuracy.

Medical Translation Services in Singapore Include:

  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Medication Labeling
  • Physician Manuals
  • Doctor/Patient Notes
  • Medical Journals
  • Test Procedures
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Patient Reports
  • Pharmacological Studies
  • Medical Research
  • Medical Terminology in All Fields
  • Patient Instructions

Our No Compromise Stand on Translations

At Singapore Translators, we value that accuracy is very crucial in medical records translation. And consequently, we follow strict guidelines to deliver better translations. Our expert translators are quite familiar with the healthcare business, which helps them put their foot forward under all situations.

Whether we translate product labels into Chinese, or technological Leaflets into French, we make no compromises in our translation offerings. With strict levels of quality controls and smooth approach for medical documents translation. The end-result regularly ensures higher levels of accuracy.

We not only have native Singaporean capable translators in our squad but also have pharmacists and healthcare domain experts who have got PhD & MD in medical and allied sciences. Our translators are capable of localizing language translation by adapting it to the neighbouring cultural norms of the targeted nation. They are effortlessly able to process your health care translation and medical translation necessities within a short period.

Why Choose Singapore Translators as Your Certified Translation Service provider in Singapore?

Our Immunisation Card translators are fully well-informed on the abbreviations & acronyms for each vaccine, and immunisation jab used all over the globe. We have the proficiency to quickly and precisely translate your immunization record. So that you will never require to receive a vaccination two times and nor will you miss out on a significant vaccine necessary for wherever you are travelling to. We can even direct you on current regulations for the certification necessary for any immunisation card translation. Why not get in touch with us today for more information?

Our Singapore translators and proofreaders are knowledgeable professionals who are very proficient in their source language(s).  Many of them hold or are pursuing Master’s degrees or PhDs in associated areas of study. You can also contact us in case you want high school certificate translation services. We have professional translators who can provide quality academic translation services at a low price



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