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Do you need help translating your immunisation card? Need your Immunisation Card translated as evidence that you or your kid have received up-to-date detailed vaccinations or that you may have critical allergies to certain substances to contraindicate particular vaccines?

With a multilingual person in-house who focus on medical terminology, especially vaccine names, acronyms, and abbreviation, and a devotion to providing only the best immunisation card translation services in Singapore. We at Singapore Translators, professionally translate your Immunization Card.

We have professional medical translators who are trained to translate your vaccination card in a confidential and precise manner. At, our team of expert medical translators offers high-quality immunization record translation services. Our mission is to help you get your immunisation card translated into any language.

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Get Certified Translation Of My Immunisation Card In Singapore

There are many reasons why you might need an immunisation card translation. Some of them are:

Immigrating to a new country

If you are moving to a new country for work or study, it is important that your immunisation record is translated and included in your medical records. This will help ensure that you receive the necessary vaccinations and medical care during your stay in the new country.

Traveling overseas

If you are traveling to a country where English is not the primary language, it is a good idea to have your immunisation card translated. This will help you communicate with medical staff in case of an emergency.

Applying for a job

Many employers require proof of immunisation as part of their hiring process. If your immunisation record is not in English, you will need to have it translated before submitting it as part of your job application.

Enrolling in school

Schools often require proof of immunisation for their students. If your immunisation record is in a language other than English, you may need to have it translated before enrolling.

Pay To Get Vaccination Card Translation Services Online In Singapore

We have a team of professional medical translators who are native speakers of more than 120 languages. So whether you need your immunization card translated from English to any other language or vice versa, we can help you with that. Some of the common language translation services provided by us are:

Get All Types Of Immunisation Card Translated In Singpapore

Some of the most common types of immunisation cards that our Singapore translation company offers are:

  • Personal Immunisation Record Cards
  • Childhood Immunisation Record Cards
  • Travel Vaccination Record Cards
  • Adult Immunisation Record Cards
  • Animal Immunisation Record Cards
  • Covid -19 Immunisation Record Cards
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FAQs For Translation Of Immunisation Card

Ans. Yes, you can use the vaccination certificate translation for multiple places other than medical fields. Especially after COVID-19, the importance of vaccination certificates has been increased. So almost all the countries request the translated vaccination certificates. However, vaccination certificates translated by our translators are considered at multiple places and also serve as an advantage in approving your immigration application.
Ans.Yes, we are far more efficient and effective when it comes to ensuring the confidentiality of documents than many other translation services. All our past clients love to place bulk translation orders with us because we ensure confidentiality in the document, and they are confident that their original documents will never be disclosed to third parties. At Singapore translators, we believe in maintaining trust with our customers.
Ans.You can easily place your order for vaccine translation by visiting our website and filling out our online form. Simply provide us with details about the document that you need to have translated, specify the target language in which you want it translated, and provide any additional instructions or special formatting requirements that you might have. Once we receive your order, one of our professional translators will begin working on it right away. You can expect to receive your translated document within a few days.
Ans.Yes, we do provide notarisation services for translation of vaccination certificates as well. Just let us know that you need the document to be notarised during the order placement process and we will assign a professional translator who will also provide certificate attestation services along with your translation. Our team is highly proficient at providing the fastest, most reliable translation service in Singapore.
Ans.SingaporeTranslators.Com is the best choice for vaccination record translation services in Singapore. Our team of professional translators has extensive experience working with medical documents and provide certified translation services, and they have an excellent track record of delivering high-quality translations quickly and efficiently.
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