Indonesian Embassy Singapore Translation Services

Singaporetranslators. com is the best place to get the Indonesian embassy Singapore translation service. In Singapore, you will get the best translation at cheap price from those native Indonesian translators who are very specialized in offering all types of translation services related to the Indonesian embassy translate.

Indonesian Embassy Singapore Translation Services

The embassy of Indonesia in Singapore offers the following services which are further categorized into private services and public services.

1. The private services include:

  • The embassy hosts the dignitaries from Indonesia who are traveling in Singapore.
  • It acts as a mediator which deals in strengthening the political and business relation between Indonesia and Singapore.
  • It also allows the national ambassador to stay within the premises of the Indonesian embassy office.

2. The public services include:

  • The public services are offered to the common travelers who have come to visit Singapore for some purpose from Indonesia. The most common services provided to travelers are the advice related to getting the Indonesian embassy Singapore translation service.
  • Replacing Indonesian travelers lost or missing documents in Singapore.
  • Providing legal advice and support in case of unseen calamity or an accident like criminal activity, held as hostage, sickness or death of the Indonesian people while their stay in Singapore. They also coordinate with the local law officers on behalf of the travelers.
  • Contacting the kin of the traveler in need or organizing for visit and travel.
  • Providing help during the civil war, any type of turbulence or any kind of natural calamity or disaster.
  • Keeping records of the birth of Indonesian citizens in Singapore and even registering it. 

You are a resident of Indonesia who might someday wish to immigrate to Singapore for business purposes or to pursue higher education.  If you really do so then you definitely require the services of Indonesian Embassy Singapore translation services from the best Singapore Indonesian translator.  Indonesian Embassy represents the country of Indonesia in Singapore.

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So, this Indonesian government organization helps those Indonesian citizens like you by providing help in the all-inclusive immigration process.  Here, in this blog, you will be informed about the Indonesian Embassy and the related services like translation which you can easily avail in Singapore.

What Role Does An Indonesian Embassy Plays?

Any country’s embassy plays an important role in representing their country in a foreign land. The Indonesian embassy plays an important role in representing the country of Indonesia in the foreign land of Singapore. The Indonesian embassy takes care of the political problems including the protection and maintaining the rights of the Indonesian citizens while they are in Singapore for their work. Like other countries, Singapore too has an office of the Indonesian embassy. All the embassies including Singapore also have a chief officer in Singapore who usually resides in the embassy.

All the embassy offices, including the Indonesian embassy in Singapore, offer a special service by a separate department that can even perform the function of a consultant. If you want your immigration documents to be translated from the Indonesian language to any other language then they can outsource services like a translation of documents to a known private translator in Singapore.

They can even give you advice regarding the translation of your documents and will also inform you about the best translation agencies in Singapore which offer translation services. One thing you must know that the Indonesian embassy cannot offer document translation all by themselves. Thus, this is the reason why they give your advice to outsource your document translation work from reliable private translation agencies in Singapore like SingaporeTranslators.Com and get the best Indonesian to English translation services and Indonesian interpreter services.

How does the Indonesian Embassy help in Translation?

The Indonesian embassy also provides the Indonesian embassy Singapore translation services in Singapore. They advise the peoples about the ways to get help from the local translation agencies in Singapore like English to Indonesian translation services.

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The Indonesian embassy also provides outsourcing of consular services like translation services to the private translation agencies in Singapore. They will keep you updated and informed about choosing the best translation company in Singapore, which can be SingaporeTranslators.Com also.

How to Avail Indonesian Embassy Translation Services in Singapore?

You can avail the translation services in the following manner, which are:

  • Consult With The Indonesian Embassy Officials:  If you want to avail of translation services for your varied documents in Singapore, then you can easily walk to the embassy office. You can talk with the embassy officials about getting various ways of consular services like translation services. Most of the embassy offices in Singapore outsource various types of translation work to various document translation companies like SingaporeTranslators.Com.
  • Approach the Translators At Translation Company:   If you want to get document translation of your documents which are in the Indonesian language, then you can contact directly any of the translation companies which provide the best and accurate document translation in Singapore. You can consult the professional certified translator Indonesia there and tell them about your translation requirement in full detail. They will definitely come with a better solution for you and provide you the best and accurate translation of your documents.
  • Check Online:  Moreover, you can also search online and check which translation company offers Indonesian embassy Singapore translation service, and pick the best translation service provider among many translation companies in Singapore.

Moreover, it is just a piece of information for you that in Singapore, you can trust the Indonesian translation services which is offered in an accurate manner at SingaporeTranslators.Com.

This translation company is famous for offering timely and flawless translations from sworn Indonesian translators in Singapore. You can even get cheap Indonesian embassy translation services from them online.

What Are The Services of the Indonesian Embassy Offered By Translation Companies in Singapore?

The professional translators at top document translation companies like SingaporeTranslators.Com offer all kinds of document translation which you need for immigration in Singapore. They offer accurate translation of all the documents so that you can get flawless migration procedures at ICA and the Indonesian embassy. The team of Singapore translators offers all types of embassy related documents which are as follows:

No 1 Online Translation Services for Document & Legal Translations in Singapore.

  • Indonesian Business, marketing & business document translation.
  • All types of technical and medical translation from the Indonesian language to the English language. The professional translators translate documents Indonesian to English such as medical reports, medicine prescriptions, etc.
  • At SingaporeTranslators.Com, you can even get legal and notarized translation of documents such as business contract papers, marriage certificates, death certificates birth certificates, divorce notices, business contracts, driving license, etc. Moreover, you will also get an indonesia notary public in Singapore for certified translation of all these legal documents including certification of power of attorney and wills too if you need to present these documents at the office of the Indonesian embassy.
  • The Singapore translators also offer financial translation of documents like payslips, company reports, account statements, etc. It also offers the translation of government and private insurance policy documents.
  • The native professional translator of Indonesia who lives in Singapore to help with various kinds of Indonesia to Singapore translation including academic translation. The Indonesian students who went to Singapore for higher studies need to submit proof of academic documents of selection in the English language. The translations of academic documents such as application form, acceptance letter from the educational institute, etc are translated by the expert translator Singapore from Indonesian to the English language.

What Are The Various Benefits of Having Indonesian Embassy Translation Services For Singapore People?

The expert translators at SingaporeTranslation.Com offers professional and flawless Indonesian embassy Singapore document translation services of all types. Whether it is a business document or a legal document, you will get the right native translators to translate your documents.

You can choose the translation services here on the basis of the various benefits it provides, which are:

  • Genuine Accurate Translation:  You will get high-quality accurate and genuine document translation which very much trusted by lots of customers. When you seek Indonesian embassy Singapore translation services then you must know that the professional translators here offer translation in more than 80 languages including the Indonesian language into the English language.
  • Translation With Right Tone:  Only native translators are hired for translating the entire document keeping in mind the use of proper tone. The use of the right tone is maintained in both the Indonesian language in the source document and the English language in the final translated document.

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  • Flawless Translation: All translation tasks of your Indonesian embassy translation are carried out on the basis of your requirements and needs. Our team of translators pledges to offer flawless and authentic document translation without twisting the original information of the document.
  • Seamless Acceptance By Various Government & Legal Organisations: All the translated documents are fully accepted by the Embassy of Indonesia, ICA, MOM, etc. The translation is done by those translators who are actually the certified Indonesian translator for ICA. They even make provisions of certifying your translated document.

Moreover, all the translated documents of the embassy, immigration, PR application, visas work permit, etc are also provided with the notarization. This is done with the help of the local notary public.


Q 1. Does your offered Indonesian Embassy Translation Services comprise a high level of accuracy?

Yes, the Indonesian translation service provided by us is comprised of the highest level of accuracy. In addition, our commitment to speed and quality guarantees a rapid translation process.

Q 2. How much will it cost to translate Indonesian Embassy documents?

Acquiring Translation of Indonesian Embassy documents cost more or less based on the type of document. An Indonesian word translation can be translated at a slightly lower cost. Along with the word translation service, we also provide additional services such as proofreading, notarizing, editing, etc. If you would like to include any of these, the charges may rise.

There may be additional charges for urgent orders, and we also provide ample discounts on large volumes of translation. You can find out more about the discounts by contacting us via our email address

Q 3. Is the Indonesian Embassy document translation formatted in any particular way?

There is no such particular format for providing Indonesian Embassy document translation. But if you choose to acquire a translation service from us, you will be able to choose from a wide range of format options for Indonesian Embassy document translation, including PDF, based on the clients’ requirements. Along with PDF, we are also capable of delivering translated documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .xliff, .html, .htm, .xhtml, and .xht.

Q 4. In your opinion, what is the timeline for translating an Indonesian Embassy document?

You can determine the exact timeline for acquiring the translation of the Indonesian Embassy document as it entirely depends on the type of documents and efforts it needs. However, our translators stick to the timeline specified in the form. Most possibly, we manage to deliver the documents even prior to the timeline stated.

Q 5. What will happen if I order the Indonesian Embassy-translated document in hard copy?

Obviously, Singapore Translators has everything under one roof. Therefore, you can place an order and get a hard copy of the Indonesian Embassy-translated document. Moreover, the hard copy version of the document will also be delivered in the same format as the soft copy. Also, note that if you need a hard copy version of the Indonesian translated document, you will have to specify the same in the form.

Q 6. While translating Indonesian Embassy document, what type of quality do you provide?

We provide you with the highest quality translation service. Certified translators who possess expertise in a particular field are the primary reason for the high-quality translation service we provide. They dedicate themselves to completing projects on time and as promised. While preserving the context and tone of the original document, our Indonesian document translators translate documents in a perfectly fine manner. Furthermore, we ensure confidentiality at the same time. After choosing us as your language translation service provider, all documents will remain confidential and not be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Q 7. Do you offer a refund policy for Indonesian Embassy translations?

No, we do not provide any refund policy for Indonesian Embassy translation. This means once you have paid the translation fee, we cannot refund it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. But still, if you want any changes to be done in Indonesian translated documents, we are here to assist you.

Q 8. Can I use these Indonesian Embassy-translated documents for official purposes?

Yes, after acquiring Indonesian Embassy-translated documents from us, you can use them for multiple purposes. The usage of the translated documents depends on the type of documents and where you are willing to use that document. The types of documents we translate include driving licenses, academic credentials, marriage certificates, legal documents, etc. All these documents can be used for multiple purposes, so it’s up to you where you wish to use the translated document.

Q 9. Does the Indonesian Embassy translation require notarization?

Yes, you can get notarization of the Indonesian Embassy translation at Singapore translators. However, we only offer notarization upon client request.

Q 10. Is the Indonesian Embassy document translation valid for a long time?

Yes, our Indonesian translated document will remain valid for a longer period. The only possibility of our Indonesian translated documents being expired will be upon expiry or alterations of the original document.


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