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Looking for an Indonesian sworn translation service in Singapore? Look no further than Singapore Translators. We are a leading provider of sworn translation services in Singapore, with a team of experienced and certified Indonesian sworn translators who are experts in translating various types of documents from Indonesian to English or English to Indonesian or even to any other language if you want.

If you are asked to submit papers with legal significance for an Indonesian government body or a company employing in Indonesia, you will need the help of an Indonesian sworn translator service in Singapore. You will also need to ensure that the translations are legal and binding by law. Our sworn translators in Singapore provide customized sworn translation services that feature our certified Indonesian translators carefully translating your documents according to the rules of your country's law system.

In addition, our sworn translator Indonesia work with a very wide range of clients from different industries including companies, law firms, embassies, and individuals. We understand the different requirements of our clients and offer them the best possible sworn translation services.

With our services, you are assured that the translations of your documents will be accepted by the relevant Indonesian authorities easily. If you want to enjoy high-quality and legally binding Indonesian translation services in Singapore, get in touch with us now!

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We are a professional document translation service provider in Singapore that helps you with accurate and certified translations of your documents from Indonesian to English or vice versa. Our sworn translators of Indonesia in Singapore are experienced and qualified to handle all kinds of documents, be it personal or commercial ones, such as:

Pay To Get Official Indonesian Sworn Transaltion In Singapore

The process of getting an official translation in Singapore is not easy. But with our services, you can rest assured that your documents will be translated correctly and on time. However, every country has set up its own rules and regulations regarding document translation. Below given are some of the main methods used in document translation:

Certified translations

This is the most common method of getting a translation done for your documents. The translated document will have a certification from the translator or the company which will confirm that the translation is accurate and error-free. This type of translation is often used for legal and official purposes. You can get the certified translation services from

Sworn translations

This is another type of document translation that is often used for legal purposes. In this case, the Indonesian translator will have to take an oath in front of a notary public of Singapore or a court interpreter that the translation is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

Notarized translations

In many situations, you will require a notarized translation service. This adds to the level of confidence in whatever organization you are handing over the documents to. Any notary public of Singapore who has authenticated the translation will attach a seal with it. This type of translation is often used for business and legal purposes.

Need Of Indonesian Sworn Translator In Singapore

Indonesian sworn translators are in high demand in Singapore due to the increasing number of Indonesian businesses and individuals doing business in the city-state. Here are four reasons why you may need an Indonesian sworn translator in Singapore:


Ans.A sworn translation service is a translation service that is provided by an accredited translator who has been appointed by the Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore. This type of translation service is often required for legal and official purposes.
Ans. If you're looking for an accredited Indonesian sworn translator in Singapore, your best bet is to check out We have a wide variety of language professionals on their team, including those who are certified to translate Indonesian documents. So whether you need a personal document translated for an official application or you're looking for commercial translation services, we should be able to help you out.
Ans.The cost of working with an accredited Indonesian sworn translator varies depending on a number of factors, including the complexity and length of the document that needs to be translated.
Ans.An accredited Indonesian sworn translator is a language professional who has been appointed by the Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore to provide translation services for legal and official purposes. A regular translator, on the other hand, is not certified by the embassy and may not be qualified to work on all types of documents.
Ans. It depends on the purpose of your translation. If you need a translation for official or legal purposes, then you should definitely work with a certified translator. However, if you're only looking for personal or commercial translation services, then a regular language professional may be sufficient.

In general, if you need to have your documents translated for official purposes in Singapore, it is best to work with an accredited Indonesian sworn translator. This will ensure that your translation is of the highest quality and that it will be accepted by the relevant authorities

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