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Singapore Translators provide you finest Translation Services in over 200+ languages like Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Arabic, etc. We are working with 75+ language professionals who will fulfil all your translations regarding needs. Singapore Translators provide 100% human translation of your document at a low translation service cost.

We offer translation service in respective fields

  1. Technical
  2. Medical
  3. Academic
  4. Advertising
  5. Legal
  6. Court Orders
  7. Financial
  8. Scientific
  9. Marketing
  10. Business, etc.
Industries We Deal With Singapore

Know about the Services of Singapore Translators and Industries we deal with

There are numerous clients seeking Document translation services online. Customers are diverse – persons, little scale businesses, in addition to medium-sized ones; they can be found across the globe. They might require translation for an extensive range of languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, German & of course English.

Most of the document translation services provider’s present translations for different documents. They translate the more often requested documents like personal & legal documents – birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, licenses of all types – driver’s, business, & the like. If you are on this page certainly you are at the right page we are your destination for professional translation services in Singapore. We are Singapore Translators a leading Agency dealing in every kind of translation projects

If you are a scholar applying for studies in a school in another country, they will translate your academic transcripts for you – as well as recommendations, certifications of examinations passed, certificates for seminars completed and other documents which the school you are applying to may require.

If you are applying for a job outside your nation, you may require an Academic translation service – for all legal documents necessary as a matter of course, in addition to those which can improve your probability of being hired. Psychosomatic evaluations, medical exams, certifications for seminars, courses, & others of the same type, proposal letters from your current & past employers, and several more all fall under this type.

Don’t worry if you are looking for another kind of translation services we have mentioned a huge list of Industries we deal with have a look at and choose wisely.

• Agriculture
• Arts & Entertainment
• Construction
• Education
• Financial
• Food & Beverage
• Government
• Health & Medicine
• Legal
• Media & Communications
• Real Estate
• Tourism

Industrial Translation Services List-


A technical translation is a kind of particular translation involving the conversion of papers produced by technical writers, or more purposely, texts that relate to technical subject areas or texts that deal with the convenient application of technical and technological information.

Hire a Language translator for converting your legal & Other Documents.

Providing technical translation services requires a technological translator who has an excellent understanding of the subject and since technical translations also need the translation of technical terms in order to expand dedicated terminology, they should have the familiarity with the specialized terms of that field both in the source & in the target languages in order to translate technical terms with simplicity.

The following are an instance of technical papers that we regularly translate:

• Installation, operator, maintenance & user manuals
• Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
• Technical drawings
• Processes
• Patents
• Engineering texts
• Manuals for machine tools and other machines
• Descriptions and technical data sheets
• Norms
• Patents
• Specifications
• Quotes
• User guides
• Technical instructions
• Instruction books


Get high-quality medical translation services from our professional translators of Singapore. Medical translation requires the most expert translators dedicated to translating medical material & medical records. Medical translation is an extremely specific discipline and therefore must only be carried out by correctly qualified translators.

Types of Medical Documents we convert

• Adverse Events
• Package Inserts and Labels
• Case Report Forms (CRF)
• Patient Information
• Clinical Protocols
• Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO)
• Clinical Trials
• Patient Recruitment Materials
• Contracts
• Pharmacological Studies
• CRA Training Materials & Videos
• Product Labels
• Data Sheets
• Production Manuals
• Dossiers
• Protocols
• Drug Registration Documentation
• Questionnaires
• Informed Consent Forms
• Quality of Life (QoL) measures
• Instructions for Use (IFU)
• Rater Scales
• Investigator Brochures
• Regulatory Audit


Legal translation is the translation of official papers, terminology & concepts associated with the field of law. It is an extremely skilled field of translation that needs specialist translators by Singaporeans. Legal translators should know legal terms in two languages and recognize their meaning adequately to ensure that the legal translations they take on are 100% precise.

No 1 Online Translation Services for Document & Legal Translations in Singapore.

We work in a range of legal translation areas, including:

• Contract translation
• Summons translation
• Patent and trademark filings translation
• Deeds translation
• Litigation document translation
• Immigration document translation
• Witness statement/deposition translation
• Legal certification translation
• Legal marketing translation
• Will translation
• Articles of incorporation translation


Financial translation needs an in-depth and precise familiarity of the subject and an ideal fluency in related terminology. The proficiency of professionals who recognize the complexities of fiscal documents is essential. Any mistake in translating the study of financial information can misinform readers and ultimately affect their decision-making procedure.

Our translation organizations, aware of the at times disastrous consequences that can result from vague translations, choose professional translators specialized in monetary translation for your projects, based on their degrees and familiarity. Singapore Translators offers great translation services and is the top guarantee of high-class professional financial translation.

Some of the financial translation projects we have worked upon have involved the following-

• Balance sheet translation
• Income and cash flow statement translation
• Financial consultancy translation
• Audit documents translation
• Bank statements translation
• Annual reports translation
• Investment marketing translation
• Insurance marketing translation
• Insurance policy translation
• Prospectus translation
• Profit and loss reports translation
• Equity research translation
• Shareholder information translation


Singapore Translators has extraordinary familiarity in the following fields of scientific & technical translation: biotechnology; sustainable development; biochemistry; biology; zoology; botany; geology; biodiversity; environment; food; health; virology; medicine; renewable energy; & more.

The scientific documents we translate comprise different types of texts.

Below are several examples:

• Scientific articles and technical documents
• Operator and user manuals
• Pharmaceutical registration documents (Market Authorizations) and patents
• Test protocols and laboratory and clinical testing
• Material safety data sheets specifications
• Market research and projects on a multinational level
• Simulation software (e.g. biotech, virtual patient, virtual clinic)
• Product launch presentations and conferences
• Commercial brochures and technical documents
• Glossaries and scientific encyclopedia
• Website localization and translation
• Multimedia and video presentations

Get Fast & Accurate official notarization for ICA, MOM, MFA.


The confront of marketing translation is not just knowing the creative concepts behind novel copy but also doing integrity by trans-creating the content for the target market in the language of the client.
A marketing translator is, in fact, more than a copy translator. Capability to recognize the target audience and insight with the product, competition, user habits, approach and lifestyle are key elements for making a marketing translation.

Some marketing translation assignment we have worked upon comprise –

• Advertising Translation
• Blog Translation
• Promotional Literature Translation
• Press Release Translation
• Email campaign Translation
• Business Card Translation
• Company Brochure Translation
• Product Catalog Translation


Common Business Documents We Translate

• Financial Documents
• Contracts & Agreements
• Business Reports & Plans
• Corporate Communications
• Annual Reports
• Human Resources Documents
• Brochures

Why select Singapore Translators for Translation Services?

Our company considers ‘Language is not a barrier, but a great driving force provided translation is completed by expert translators who are in-country local speakers of the objective language’. We are the language people for numerous Advertising Agencies & FMCG companies who need trans-creation of their innovative headline, marketing translation of copy matter & adaptation of ad material in different sizes & languages as per media specs.
We are ISO Certified Professional translation services supplier in Singapore since 1968 & are the most chosen language service suppliers for Pharmaceutical companies who require clinical trial forms and research reports for publication in all Languages.


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