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Looking for legal documents translation in Singapore? The best way to get those important translations is by turning to the affordable translation company in Singapore i.e., We are known throughout Asia-Pacific as being one of its most reliable providers, whether you need English or Japanese translations.

Legal translation is the conversion of legal papers, terminology, and concepts associated with the field of law. It is a very accomplished field of translation that needs specialist translators from Singapore. Our legal translators Singapore should have familiarity of legal terms in two languages and recognize their meaning adequately to make sure that the legal translations they take on are 100% accurate.

They are experts in their field and have the knowledge to accurately translate legal documents so that they can be legally binding in Singapore. No matter what the complexity of your translation of legal documents, we will be able to provide you with a solution that meets all your requirements.

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Do you need a legal document translated into another language? Look no further than our team of qualified translators. We offer cheap translation services in Singapore for a variety of legal documents, including but not limited to:

Translate Your Legal Documents To The 200+ Languages In Singapore

Legal interpreting is a difficult and sensitive subject, which often requires the utmost care. We at understand this better than anyone else because we take pride in our ability of language translation of legal documents into hundreds of different languages for clients all over Singapore. Some of the most common languages for which we provide translation services are:

Order Certified Translation Of My Legal Documents In Singapore

If you need to have your legal documents translated into English for use in Singapore, then you should contact Our certified translation services are highly respected in the local legal community, and we offer notary public service and legalisation (authenticating it from Singapore Academy Of law) as part of our professional service, so that it can be utilised in other countries.

Whether you need a birth certificate, criminal record, diploma, degree or even marriage certificate translated, we have the expertise to give you a high-quality translation that will meet all of the requirements for use in your chosen legal setting.

Our team of highly qualified translators have years of experience working with legal documents, so you can be confident that your translated document will be accurate and accepted by various institutions of Singapore, like ICA, MOM, HDB, IRAS & ACRA etc.

So, if you need a reliable and certified translation service in Singapore for your legal documenst, then please contact us today for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Legal Translation Service Singapore

Legal Translation Service FAQs

Ans. If you need a legal document translator in Singapore, then you can rely on We have a team of experienced translators who can accurately and efficiently translate your documents. We offer certified translations services that are accepted by all government agencies in Singapore.
Ans. Legal translation is different from other types of translation in a few key ways. First, legal translation requires a high level of accuracy and precision because even a small mistake can have major consequences. Second, legal documents often contain complex terminology that must be translated correctly by sworn translators in order for the document to be understood by the reader. Finally, legal translations are often required to be certified in order to be accepted by government agencies or courts.
Ans. There are a few different types of legal translation.
  • The most common type is a certified translation, which is a translation that is stamped and signed by a translator who is certified by their government to perform legal translations.
  • Notarisation is another type of legal translation, which is when the document is notarised by a notary public.
  • Apostille is the term used for translations that need to be official and recognised in other countries.
  • Patent filings are translations that are used for patent applications.
Ans.Yes, we provide notarisation services in Singapore. We have a team of experienced notaries who can accurately and efficiently notarise your documents.We offer notarisation services that are accepted by all government agencies in Singapore.
Ans.The process of legal translation in Singapore usually starts with the client sending over the document that needs to be translated. Our native translator will then review the document and consult with the client to discuss any questions or concerns. Once the translation is complete, the translator will send the translated document back to the client for review. The client can then request any changes that they may want to be made. Once the client is satisfied with the translation, they will sign off on it and the translation process is complete.
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