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Name Change Certificate Translation Service in Singapore

Accurate, flawless and timely delivery of translated name change certificate from the professional translators of Singapore Translators. Multilingual Singapore legal translators translate over more than 200 languages in the Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Thai,  Korean, Spanish, English, etc. The translated documents are also accepted at ICA, Courts, etc.

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Name Change Certificate Translation

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Name- Change certificate translation is greatly needed if you desire to obtain a visa to travel abroad. This is needed for those ladies who are married and has changed or added their maiden name along with the surname of their husband. Name change certificate is important to make a new passport or renew your old passport containing with your maiden name. Moreover, documents like marriage certificate are needed to have a name change certificate.

There are various translation companies in Singapore offering various types of translation services for many kinds of documents. One of the most important documents – Name change certificate is also translated perfectly by these translation companies in Singapore. SingaporeTranslators.Com is the most popular translation companies in Singapore to offer accurate translation of name change certificate within the given time. Now, let us check out how Singapore translators offer name change certificate translation services.

Why The Requirement of Having Name Change Certificate Translation Arises?

Name change certificate is required to change or add your maiden name with your husband’s name in your passport. Name change certificate is generally issued in your native at your native place.  Thus, if you are migrating or visiting a foreign country you need to translate your name change certificate into the English language.

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This is done because the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority accepts native documents translated only in the English language.  Along with other ICA supported documents, you need to translate also your name change certificate.

What is the Concept of Name Change Certificate?

After marriage or passport date expiry, a name change certificate is needed for adding or changing your maiden name with your husband’s surname in your new or renewed passport.  New applicants of passports and visas must be informed that the principle name or maiden name cannot be replaced. However, you can add your married name or husband’s surname as an alias or on below the maiden or principle name.

Applicants, who want to change their name in their passports and other immigration-related documents, must submit a deed or affidavit stating change of name. Moreover, you must submit a translated name change certificate to the ICA officials for visa application or for immigration.

How to Obtain Name Change Certificate?

If you desire to add your married name or legally changed name in your passport, you must submit supported application forms to apply for a new passport. This application is too submitted at the office of Consulate General Singapore.

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You may follow the steps below:

  • A letter addressed to the Commissioner of ICA requesting to change your name.
  • Providing your documents like biodata, local visa, and birth certificate, affidavit of the name change, marriage certificate, and Identity card issued in Singapore.
  • After approval, you will be notified about the delivery of the name change certificate.


Thus, you now know the importance of translating your name change certificate translation. This translated document is needed for immigration and ICA purposes. Thus, take help from professional translators at SingaporeTranslators.Com. These experts are very experienced in providing accurate legal documents translation like name change certificate translation services in Singapore.


Q1. Does your translator translate change of name certified translation accurately?

Yes, our translator translates the change of name certified translation accurately. Since we have a team of highly certified translators equipped with professional translation skills to provide you with the accurate and quality translation service without sacrificing the deadlines.

Q2. How do you ensure the quality for translation of change name Singapore?

To ensure that we provide a high-quality translation service for change name Singapore, we clarify the client’s requirements before beginning work. As soon as we understand your requirements, our team of experienced translators will handle everything else. This ensures high-quality translations regardless of the size of the document.

Q3. Do you provide refunds for change of name certified translation service provided by your translator?

No refunds are offered on the change of name certified translation service after payment has been made for the translation. However, you need not worry if you find an error in the translation you received. Our translators are always happy to assist with further changes free of charge.

Q4. Can I get change the surname Singapore translated document in hard copy?

Yes, getting hard copies of the changed surname Singapore translated document is possible upon request. However, if you require hard copies, you will be required to pay an extra fee in addition to translation costs.

Q5. Can your translator change the Chinese name Singapore?

Yes, if you need a translation of your Chinese name Singapore, then quickly reach out to Singapore translators. All of our translators are capable of translating foreign language documents into any other language. In addition, there are 500 multilingual experts in our team fluent in more than 200 languages, including Bahasa, Malay, French and English.

Q6. Do you provide notarization of change name in birth certificate Singapore?

Yes, we can provide notarization services to change the birth certificate Singapore translated document if requested by the client.

Q7. How much do you charge for a name change certificate translation service?

It is quite difficult to estimate the translation costs of a name change certificate because the costs are varied by the word count, the skills required, and the type of translation required. However, if you require additional translation services such as proofreading, editing, notarizing, etc., to your word translation, it might slightly boost the cost. For urgent documents translation, the additional charges may incur.

Q8. Do you offer any kind of discounts on the change name Singapore translation service?

Concerning the change name Singapore translation service, we offer amazing discounts and offers. Additionally, we offer greater discounts for bulk orders. For any queries regarding the discounts, you can directly mail us at

Q9. Is there any specific format that you follow to deliver a name change certificate translation service?

No, there is no set format for the name change certificate translation service. Instead, services are provided in the format requested by the client. However, requirements vary as to format selections. Therefore, we can deliver translations in various formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML.

Q10. What is the turnaround time to deliver the name change in the Singapore translation service?

As of now, it is difficult to predict how long it will take to acquire a name change in Singapore translation service since the word count, the language, and the intensity of the effort determine the time required. As a result, our translators are experienced and can translate within the time limit set on the form.


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