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If you want to go abroad for your further studies or for starting a new business you need an authorized notarial certificate. Singapore translators supply the authentic certified notarial documents authorized by the government bodies. The service providers who are not approved by the government will fraud you by attesting your documents without any authorities. And due to this you can face rejection or stay on your documents while applying for any purpose such as visa approval or immigration.

What is a notarial certification?

Notarial certification mainly called as an attestation of the documents. It is a method in which the authenticity of a document is checked. After checking the authenticity of the document, it is verified by signing and stamping on on the document. For attesting a document both the original document and xerox copy of the same document are required. You should attest your documents from the trustable service provider. Singapore translators have the authorized employee who will check and attest your documents.

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There are mainly three types of notary attestation. The first one is the state attestation. For example, an educational certificate attestation document will require attestation from the state education department. The second one is the apostille attestation which is prepared after the state attestation. And the last attestation is embassy notarial attestation. And our company provides you notarial certification related to any department of the government.

Importance of notarial certifications

Attesting a document can be useful for businessmen and students as well. If a person wants to start a business in the broad then it is mandatory to attest the documents otherwise his or her documents can be rejected. And on the other hand, it is helpful for students while applying for studies in the abroad such as in getting college offer letters and for Visa approval. Visa approval is dependent on the verification of your documents by officials hence the attestation is required. We guarantee you about the authenticity of the documents attested by our company.

If you want to move your whole family to another country then attesting your documents will be a mandatory process. The main documents for applying for a family visa is the marriage certificate. And attesting your marriage certificate is compulsory that will verify that you are legally married in your country. We provide the legal attestation to your marriage certificate for your visa approval.

Notarizing your documents will help you in preventing fraud. Let’s take an example you have a property and another person is threatening you that he will occupy your property. But if you have authorized notarial attestation of the documents of your property then and you can show them as proof in the court. Legal document notarial certification is provided by Singapore translators with high authenticity at affordable prices.

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Process of attestation from Singapore translators

Our company has a simple process for applying for notarial certification of your documents.

  • In the first step, you have to check the certificates you need to attest. There are different types of documents are required to be attested such as educational certificates while applying for a student visa, documents for a business startup in abroad, driving license, birth certificate, etc.
  • In the second step, you just need to upload the required documents on our website. You need to upload both the original document and xerox copy of the same document which you want to attest. For example, you are applying for studies in another country so that you need to notarize your educational certificates. For this just upload original educational certificates with the same xerox copy. You will receive your attested documents before the deadline of the time.

Why take services of notarial certification from Singapore translators?

There are different benefits while taking services of notary attestation from Singapore translators which are as follows: –

  • 100% authorized notarial certification from the government: – Singapore translators is a trustable service provider in Singapore. All the documents attested by us are authorized by government bodies. Documents such as educational documents, business-related documents, birth certificates, etc are cross-checked by the respective department of the government.
  • Document security: – Our company has the best security system management among the other service providers. We know that documents uploaded by you such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and other documents are private and need to be secured. We ensure that the documents provided by you will be 100% safe and they are not shared with any third party.
  • Instant service at affordable prices: – To avail notary certification services from our website you just need to upload required documents. 24/7 service is available on our website that is you can also attest your documents after the office hours. We have the fastest turnaround time among the other companies. And all of these benefits you can avail within your budget that is at affordable prices.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Are the certificates notarize by you authorized by the government?

Singapore translators is a trustable service provider. Our company is authorized by the government and every document attested by us is certified by the respective department of the government.

  • Which documents are required to be attested while applying for family visa?

While applying for a family visa, the marriage certificate is the main document. Verification of your marriage certificate is required for family visa approval.

Conclusion: – Notarized certificate means that the respective certificate is verified and its legal validity is checked by the official. Attesting of documents is mandatory in some of the conditions such as while applying for a student visa, working visa and family visa. If you are searching for an experienced service provider for attesting your documents then Singapore translators are the best and legal service providers among the others. We have the employees that are approved by the government for notarizing services. Some of the key benefits taking services from our company are instant service, anytime professional support and fewer charges.


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