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Notary Public Translation Singapore is the most demanding services in the past yew years. Many Expect and local citizens search for a genuine notary public translation service in Singapore and looking for an official translation of documents.  Singapore translators are committed to provide online Notarised and  SAL services near your location. Accuracy, Anonymity with Affordability is our basic principle because we are loyal to our customers.

We at Singapore Translators strive to meet these demands by providing online Notarised & SAL ( Singapore Authority Of Law ) translations near your location

The best way to get your translation and notary services Singapore is by using our services. We can provide you with fast and accurate notarisation along with certified translation services that will ensure satisfaction from both parties in any dispute or contract agreement. Our most excellent notary public Singapore translation fees are very low as compared to the market. If you want to only use our notary public service for your documents, then we can provide that also.

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At Singapore Translators, we offer a range of translation notary public singapore to help you with notarize translated documents services. We have a team of experienced and qualified notaries who can help you with anything from translation of documents in Singapore to simple document notarisation, to complex legal procedures.

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If you need an certified translation services your documents for submission to the Singapore authorities, you can contact our professional translation company. We offer high quality and accurate translation services for all types of official documents, including but not limited to:

Notary Public Translation Related -FAQs

Ans. Notarisation and attestation are two completely different services. Notarisation is the process of authenticating a document by a notary public, who is an official appointed by the government. An attestation, on the other hand, is simply a statement made by a witness testifying to the truth of certain facts. In most cases, an attestation does not require any official verification and can be done by anyone.
Ans. Notarisation and legalisation are two separate but related concepts. Notarisation is the authentication of a document by a notary public, who is an official appointed by the Singapore government to witness signatures and attest to the validity of documents. Legalisation, on the other hand, is the process of authenticating a document for use in another country. In Singapore, this is done by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).
Ans. When you notarize a translation, you are essentially verifying that the translation is an accurate representation of the original document. You are also attesting to the fact that the translator is competent and qualified to do the job. By notarizing a translation, you are giving it legal validity in case it needs to be used in court or for some other legal purpose.
Ans.The cost of notarisation can vary depending on the type and number of documents, as well as the country where they will be used. The notary public fee/rate/price/cost also depends on the 4 things - (1.) if it needed for one person - cost will be 40$ (2.) if it needed for other party ,but the document is same then - $20 (3.) For additional party - 10$ for each party (4.) Need Notarial Certificate Along With documents - $75 for one person.
Ans. There is no definitive answer to this question since it can vary depending on the specific circumstances. However, there are some general situations where you may need a notarised translation:
  • When submitting official documents to a government institution or agency
  • When presenting documents in court
  • When applying for a visa or residency permit
  • When signing a contract

Basically, anytime you need to present translated documents for legal or official purposes, you will likely need to have them notarised.

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