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Getting a document translation can be difficult for several people, especially those immigrating to Singapore from a foreign country where English is not common. ICA only considers the document in English.

If you seek a reliable personal document translation agency specialising in providing the best document translation service in Singapore for the language you need. Then you are at the right place.

At Singapore translator, we have a team of highly certified translators who specialize in translating several foreign languages documents into English at reasonable rates. Keep on reading the article to know more about our translation services.

Personal document translation we provide

Birth and death certificate translation

In our personal document translation, we also provide birth and death certificate translation services. No doubt, birth and death certificate translation is essentially essential as both the documents play a significant role in approving your Singapore citizenship and ensuring that you are genuinely willing to immigrate to Singapore. Therefore, we offer certified birth and death certificate translation service considering guidelines and requirements set by the immigration and checkpoint Authority (ICA) so that none of the applications gets rejected because of inadequate translation.

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Academic Records and Transcripts

Singapore translator team can translate all the academic records and transcripts, including degrees, diplomas, certifications, and other academic-related documents asked by Singapore immigration authorities. Apart from offering an Ica documents translation service, our team of translators also maintains privacy.

Marriage Certificate Translations

Marriage certificate translation is one of the essential documents, especially when any Singapore citizen is willing to sponsor their foreign country spouse to join them in Singapore. Professional translator at Singapore translator has a solution for this also.

We have covered marriage certificate translation at a low cost. Whether your foreign country spouse marriage certificate is in Chinese or Spanish, our translator has the specialization to translate any foreign language documents into English.

Passport Translation Services

Singapore translator offers highly certified passport translation services into English in more than 200 foreign languages. Some popular immigration destinations like Singapore have made it mandatory for all immigrants to provide the documents in English for all verification purposes. However, now getting your passport translation services into English is easy now with a Singapore translator.

Medical Translation Service

Our team of certified translators also specialise in providing all types of medical document translation services. Several clients prefer medical documents translation services to meet the travel requirements. For example, in order to immigrate to Singapore, every immigrant is recommended to apply for an insurance claim and get a medical report from the appointed doctor.

The translation of these important documents is essential for every applicant to obtain the approval of lawfully staying in Singapore. By choosing us, you do not have to worry about foreign language translation as professional translators in our team has covered more than 200 foreign language document translation into English.

Apart from this, we also provide translation services for all other additional personal documents:

  • Criminal Records
  • Background Checks
  • Legal Documents
  • Police Reports
  • Bank Statements
  • Doctor’s Notes

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Why Prefer Us?

Singapore translator, we offer the below-given benefits to all our customers. We serve our customers equally regardless of whether they are ordering for an individual document translation or the bulk one. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of choosing us:

Officially accepted by Singapore immigration Authority

All our officially translated personal documents are entirely accepted by Immigration and checkpoints Authority (ICA). Also, you won’t get disappointed by choosing a Singapore translator as your immigration document translation partner as we believe in delivering the best.

Hidden charges

Since we believe in keeping transparency to build long-term relations with the clients, we never ask for hidden charges.

Translate in Different languages

As of now, we have covered over 200 foreign language translations into English. This means if you are seeking any foreign language document translation, you can visit us, and our certified translators will quickly translate the foreign language documents into English without changing the meaning of the context.

Dedicated Project Manager

Singapore translator appoints a dedicated project manager for every project to manage the entire processing of the document translation from scratch to finish. So no matter you are making an order for a small project or a big one, our certified translator will always process the translation work with great dedication.

No delivery fees

We always believe in providing top quality service at a low cost, so we do not ask for any additional delivery fees for delivering the hard copy of the translated documents.

Competitive pricing

Our document translation service prices are so reasonable that any individual can afford them. We always consider charging competitive prices for all kinds of document translation, including business document translation, personal documents translation, and so on. Even at a reasonable rate, we never compromise with the quality.

Apart from the personal document translation service, our translation team also offers you legal translation service Singapore and notary public translation service Singapore.

No 1 Online Translation Services for Document & Legal Translations in Singapore.

How do translators at Singapore translators manage the handwritten texts that are difficult to read on personal documents?

Most of the time, we receive the handwritten text on the marriage certificate, death certificate or birth certificate, which is extremely difficult to read by our translator. In such a situation, we prefer asking the actual meaning of the handwritten text from the client as all the document belongs to the client.

Therefore, it’s always better to cross verify the handwritten text that is difficult to read from the client to prevent any mistake in the document translation process.

Also, if the client is immigrating from a small city or town which is not known to the document translation agency, then in such a situation also it’s better to clear out all related things with the client so that accurate translation is provided. It is the right of every translator to clear all the doubts related to translation documents regarding any text written on the document that is difficult to read.

How certified translators deal with requests for unjustified revisions on personal documents?

Most of the time, the client asks the translation agency to rectify or change the birth date or date of graduation, which is not given in the source of a document or if the details were accidentally entered in the document. In such a situation, no translation agency has the right to rectify these changes; if they do so, it will be considered a punishable offence.

So instead, it is advisable for the client to connect with the Singapore immigration Authority, i.e. ICA or MOM, to ask why incorrect details have been entered in the documents and get the required rectifications. By visiting the concerned immigration authority, clients will get a better solution, which would be legal.

Besides this, several translated personal documents need to be notarized and certified by a notary public in Singapore. In such a case, no Singapore immigration authority has the right to enter any additional information or rectify the data which is not given in the source documents.

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