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Singapore PR Document Translation Service Online

Do you want professional translation help to submit the Singapore PR application document? Do you want the status of a permanent resident to stay in Singapore? If yes then you must take certified translation services Singapore from expert language translators at SingaporeTranslators.Com. This is a professional online translation agency offering PR translation services in Singapore. The translated PR application document is needed to be submitted to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

Singapore PR Application Document Translation Service

Get  Singapore PR Application Document  from registered translators

Singapore PR application document or Singapore permanent residence is applied by individuals in order to achieve approval to settle in Singapore permanently. Recently, it has been announced that all the Singapore PR application documents will now be received electronically in the form of supporting scanned documents.

Moreover, applicants can also put all the required details into the online form on the website of ICA. Thus, due to this change in procedure, now the PR applicants will no longer need to make an appointment with the ICA officials to submit PR application documents since it can be now done online.

The fees charged by ICA are also revised along with the new rule. Now there will be no processing fee to be charged and applicants will have to pay $100 as an entry permit if their Singapore PR application is processed successfully.

Moreover, from now onwards-appointment slots are also not available after these changes and all PR application documents will be accepted by the new system only. Thus, if you want to apply for PR application document application translation then you must need registered translators. In Singapore, Singapore translators can meet all the application document translation requirements.

High-quality Singapore PR Application Document Translation Services for ICA

You can hire the best Singapore Translators who can translate all types of languages written in documents that are needed for PR application. At SingaporeTranslators.Com our experienced language translators offer all kinds of help needed to get top quality PR application translation services.

Get Fast & Accurate official notarization for ICA, MOM, MFA.

We have a strong record of history where we are never behind in offering the best translation services Singapore for PR application to our customers who are mostly individuals and business corporations.

The multilingual translation services provided by us are mainly in the areas of legal, engineering, finance, marketing, education,  and advertising. Our team of qualified translators offers custom-designed translation services for your PR application document.

Our team of translators can provide you with the best translation for your Singapore permanent residence application. Please note that incomplete translated documents are never accepted by ICA. Thus, after translation, the copy must be notarized by a lawyer and certified by qualified translators.

Our team of professional Singapore-based translators provides the best quality PR application document translation which is sure to be accepted by the embassy of Singapore. Our expert native translators never compromise with the quality of translation work. They provide you document translation for apply PR Singapore.

All the legal and official documents needed for PR application are translated using SSL transcription and the latest technology. We make all types’ translation services easy in Singapore especially the legal translation services Singapore, PR application document translation services, academic translation at cheap prices.

Need Our PR Application Document Translation Services for ICA or other official’s

Most of the clients prefer our document translation services we provide authentic PR translation with clarification and certification. After we complete the entire translation then you must notarize from court since with notarizing the document, ICA will not accept your PR application.

Hire a Language translator for converting your legal & Other Documents.

If you want ICA  to accept your PR application so that you can gain permanent residency in Singapore then you must take our PR application document translation services. Another reason for opting for translation services from us to translate your certificates and documents is to get easy with the immigration process without getting into any sort of trouble.

We provide all types of appropriate notarized document translation to be submitted at ICA like birth certificates translation services, court documents, passports, PR application, contracts of employment, academic document translation, police clearance certificates, etc. We provide all types of document translation along with PR application document translation which is necessary to study, work or settle abroad and overseas.

What Are The Supported Documents Needed For PR Application Document Translation?

The essential documents needed for notarized translation are:

  • Medical status supporting documents.
  • Clearance certificate for employment opportunities abroad.
  • Overseas study application supporting documents.
  • Supporting documents to apply for Singapore citizenship or Singapore PR.
  • Other documents needed for official and court purposes.

Why You Must Trust Our Singapore PR Application Document Translation Services?

We are the leading PR translation agency in Singapore providing the following benefits in PR application document translation services which attract our trusted customers to get help from us. The beneficial service includes:

No 1 Online Translation Services for Document & Legal Translations in Singapore.

  • All the documents translated by our expert Singapore translators are officially accepted by the organizations like MOM, ICA, LTA, Business organizations, Educational institutes, and Courts.
  • Our dedicated project manager takes care of all the translation works. They hire the best translator on the basis of availability.
  • We charge a very less price for the document translation especially the PR application document translation. Moreover, we are always open about prices and never charge any hidden cost services which can be charges of handling and administration.
  • Our team of multi-lingual translators is able to translate your documents into many languages.
  • We are strict about the deadline and we never fail to delay in delivering soft copy translation copy of PR application document at your email address. Moreover, when you deliver the hard copy of the translated document at your residential address, we never charge extra delivery fees.

Conclusion – Thus, if you want our Singapore PR application document translation services then you must consult our experts at the official website of SingaporeTranslators.Com. There you will have to provide all the services and requirements you need to translate the document. Then, our expert translators will go through your order of document translation and provide you with the price quote. After you pay up the prices, our team of translators will immediately work to translate your PR application document quickly and accurately so that you can get a successful permanent residency in Singapore.


Q1. How much price will you charge for pr application translation?

You can’t get the estimated price at first. Since it might be a slight or huge difference in translation costs depending on the file nature and the level of skills required. The translation price will be based on the file specifics. Adding additional translation services to a word translation, such as proofreading, editing, notarizing, etc., may give rise to a slight price increase.

Please note that additional charges may apply for urgent translation orders. Singapore Translators has reasonable discounts concerning bulk translations. For more information about these discounts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Q2. If I found any mistake in the pr application translation, will you be able to refund my money?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund your money once you have paid for our PR application translation service. But if you detected a mistake in the translation or want any alterations in the documents, then don’t worry; we have a team of the best translators who are always ready to assist you. Also, we do not ask for any additional charges for providing alterations or modifications in the document.

Q3. Which format does your translation services Singapore for pr application follow?

There is no such specific format set by our translation service Singapore concerning the translation of PR applications. However, the choice of format is done by the clients. As everyone knows that the requirement of each client may vary. In our translation agency, you will be able to receive the document in various formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.

Q4. Do you provide notarization with Singapore pr application document translation?

Yes, we also have notarization services in our Singapore PR document translation package. But we only provide you with the notarization of the translated document if requested by the client.

Q5. Can I get an exact copy of the translation, and will I be able to get it from your office?

Yes, you can definitely expect the hard copy of the PR document translation. But hard copies of the translated document are not free service with PR document translation. Instead, you are required to pay the additional cost depending on the hardcopies you require. However, you are also granted to receive the hard copy from our office. Ensure to visit our office during operating hours.

Q6. Can I use this PR document translation anywhere else?

Yes, you are granted to use the PR document translation service provided by our translator anywhere. Since it plays a significant role in proving your identification in Singapore and several other countries as well. The PR document translation doesn’t have a single purpose. Instead, it has multiple purposes that can be useful for each candidate holding the translation of the document.

Q7. How much accuracy do you provide in pr document translations?

Our team of professional translators ensures that your pr document translations will be done accurately. While providing translation services, we keep in mind two significant factors: speed and accuracy.

Q8. How much time will your translation services Singapore for pr application take?

Translations are completed as soon as possible, but there is no way of estimating the time frame in advance. The timeline for Singapore PR document translations will be based on the effort that goes into the translation. Additionally, our translators guarantee you deliver the translation within the specified deadline submission form.

Q9. Is your Singapore pr application document translation provide any discounts?

Yes, our Singapore pr application document translation service provider offers you fantastic discounts on bulk translation. For additional information regarding the discounts, you can directly mail us at

Q10. Do you provide any confidentiality while pr application translation?

Yes, you can expect complete confidentiality while choosing us as your pr application translation service provided. Since we ask all our prospective clients to sign a confidentiality agreement. This ensures that all the customer’s documentation will remain private all the time and also protect from unauthorized access. As a result, all customer information is protected from unauthorized access, and all documents are kept confidential at all times.


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