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A sworn translation service, also known as an official translation, is a translation that is done by certified translators who are authorized to swear or affirm the contents of their translations before an officer of the law.

This type of translation service may be required for official documents such as legal contracts, birth certificates, business letters, and other legal documents. The accuracy of sworn translations is important since it may be used in courts of law to verify the legality of the document.

Sworn translation services are often provided by professional translators who have undergone rigorous training and certification to ensure their competence and accuracy.

To ensure the quality of a sworn translation service, it is important to choose our reputable translation company in Singapore , singaporetranslators.com. We only work with the best-sworn translators who have the relevant qualifications, experience and expertise to provide an accurate and reliable translation service.

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Our sworn translators are professionals who have been accredited by the relevant authorities in their countries. They are also required to take an oath or affirmation before a notary public to ensure the accuracy of their translations. This means that you can be assured of getting accurate and reliable document translation services in Singapore. We can translate any type of document for you including but not limited to:

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In order to ensure that you get the best quality translation of your documents, our translators are proficient in more than 200 different languages. You can get language translation services for English, or many other language such as:

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"Sworn translation services near me" is the most common search query for people who require sworn translation services in Singapore. If you are one of those people, looking for high-quality sworn translation services Singapore, look no further than Singaporetranslators.com. We are a professional translation company that specializes in providing reliable and accurate sworn translation services for businesses, government agencies, and individuals, within the shortest possible time.

Sworn translators are typically certified by government organizations or professional translation associations that require them to demonstrate their language proficiency, knowledge of the source and target languages, and understanding of the cultural contexts for certain documents and situations.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of work when you hire a sworn translator from singaporertranslators.com as it is one of the top translation firms in Singapore. The certified translators here deliver accurate, timely and professional translations that are accepted by all government agencies. You can be assured of the confidentiality and validation of your documents as well.

Online Sworn Translation Services By Professional Sworn Translator Singapore

All of our freelance SWORN experts from Singapore have been authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation so that they can confirm your translations and award official appreciation and power to your translated papers in Spain and overseas. Over twenty years’ knowledge working beside law firms and within the lawful system has provided precious insights into this practice. As a result, we have the know-how necessary to translate authorized documents and interpret in court, thereby promise high-quality certified translation services in Singapore.

In several cases, you might require a notarised translation also. This provides an added level of trust for whatever agency you are submitting the papers to. For a notarised translation, the sworn translator will place their official stamp and sign on each page of the translated document as a testimony that they have translated it to the best of their ability.

For documents such as legal contracts or agreements, you might want to use our notarized translation services so that your partners or clients can be assured of the quality of our work.

Sworn Translators Singapore

FAQs Related To Sworn Translators

Ans.Sworn translation services are those that are done by a professional translator who has been sworn in or certified by the Singapore government. These types of translations are typically used for legal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates. If you need sworn translation services, then contact singaporetranslators.com.
Ans. There are a number of companies that provide sworn translations in Singapore, but singaporetranslators.com is one of the most experienced and reputable. They have a team of professional translators who are familiar with the various legal documents that need to be translated, and they can provide sworn translations for a variety of languages. So if you need a sworn translation for your legal documents, singaporetranslators.com is a great option.
Ans.No, a certified translation is not the same thing as a sworn translation. A certified translation is simply a document that has been translated by a professional translator and then “certified” by them with their signature and/or seal. This type of certification verifies that the translator believes the document to be an accurate representation of the original document.

A sworn translation, on the other hand, is a document that has been translated by a certified translator and then “sworn” or “notarized” by a notary public. This means that the translator has taken an oath to affirm that the document is an accurate translation of the original, and this affidavit can be used as legal proof in court.

Ans.There are a number of reasons why you might need a sworn translation in Singapore. For example, if you are getting married and need to have your marriage license translated, you will need to get a sworn translation. Or if you are applying for a job and need to have your academic transcripts translated, you may be required to submit a sworn translation. In any case, if you need to have a legal document translated, it is best to get a sworn translation to ensure accuracy.
Ans. There are various services provided by our Singapore sworn translators.
  • Translate documents
  • Certify copies or printouts of material that they translate.
  • Advice customers and arrange for documents to be translated or apostille authentication
  • Translate legislation and international agreements into required language.
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