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Translate Documents from Malay To English in Singapore

“Translate Malay to English in Singapore” with the help of professional language translators. Low-Cost translation services for converting your Malaysian documents like driving license, PR Application Document, Immigration Certificate, and others are available instantly. Our Malay translators for ICA are native-speaking language experts who make sure to translate Malay to the English language with great quality at a very low price.

Singapore Translators works on a triple-layer quality assurance strategy with 500 + certified native professional translators for ICA. Singapore Translators is the perfect solution for all your Malay documents and language translation needs in English and vice versa. A public Notary for legal documents is also available if needed.

Translate Malay to English in Singapore

Translate Documents from Malay to English 

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Driving License
  3. Legal Documents
  4. Employee Handbook
  5. Death Certificate
  6. Divorce Certificate
  7. Marriage Certificate
  8. Court Papers
  9. Police Report
  10. Police Clearance
  11. PR Application
  12. Immigration Certificate

Get Fast & Accurate official notarization for ICA, MOM, MFA.

Professional Translators for Malay to English Translation

  • Technology – The Malay to English translation or other languages translation for technical papers like software design documents, user manuals, procedure flow documents, etc., need the rich familiarity of technical translation which, we increase by our trusted team and comprises of valued substance, mechanical, electronics engineers with different other leaders from the business.
  • Marketing & Advertising In the age of globalization, we offer Malay translation of tasks like Malay marketing, Malay documentation, and promoting creation with a dedicated team of devoted Malay translators.
  • Financial – To make sure the exact financial document translation, we have a devoted team of Malay Financial Translators, Service Managers, who have skilled familiarity with the Malay Financial Services, transactions & market.
  • Translate Legal Documents From Malay to English – Our devoted team of legal translators accomplished in Malay legal terminologies. They are capable of offering services to translate Malay documents to English for patent applications, papers for acquisition and merger contracts, etc.

Malay to English Translation Company in Singapore

Malay belongs to the Austronesian ancestors of languages. It is mainly used by the Malay populace and those who can belong to other cultural groups but live in central-eastern Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, the Riau Islands, certain districts of the coast of Borneo, & southern Thailand.

Malay has about 200 million speakers around the globe, making it the tenth most commonly spoken language. It also creates the need for Malay translations services in a range of language pairs. If you require Translate Malay to English Singapore we at Singapore Translators provide you Singapore certified translation Malay to English with great quality.

When you want to translate between Malayu and English, or English & Malay, you may not recognize where to begin. An easy web search on this subject brings up many services. There are dictionaries and also legal translation services. You may need a Malay to English translation company.

Accurate Malay to English Human Translation – Better than Any Software

You may require Malay to English translation services in Singapore. Whatever the case is, learning about accessible services is very important. We are the leading Singapore service provider for precise translation from Malay to English. You can find a dictionary such as this by doing an easy web search for Malay to English translation.

The only disadvantage to these is that it could take a while, & if you’re not known with the sentence structure that Malaysians utilize, you might not be translating the words properly. Another service is an automatic translator. These services will let you put text in and will provide you with a string of text back in the language of your preference. The difficulty with this is that they’re not always completely accurate. However, our services for translation Malay to English Singapore have always been accurate and to the point.

Hire a Language translator for converting your legal & Other Documents.

Convert Documents From Malay to English for Business & Job

The English language is extensively spoken in many countries around the world. Converting your Malay document to the English language can open lots of doors to myriad business and job possibilities.

However, it is significant to remember that the language, even though it is still Malay, can be a little diverse universally.  Here’s when localization comes into play. As every nation has its accents, dialects, & culture, all these things must be taken into consideration. In order to be known in the market, you must translate your website and promotional material text to English from Malay text and other languages.

Online Malay to English Translators for official Documents

There are about 77 million speakers of Malay & it is the known official language in Brunei, Indonesia (as Indonesian), Malaysia (also called Malaysian), & Singapore. It is also the familiar minority language in Indonesia (it is the local language in Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo), Thailand, & the Philippines (as a trade language with Malaysia & in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region).

If you are seeking at the different countries wherein Malay is an executive language. Also, you will see that these countries are economic powerhouses of South East Asia.

If you are planning to renounce your Malaysian citizenship, but aren’t finding a reliable translation agency that can translate Malaysia Renunciation Letter From Malay to English? Fear not. Singapore Translator has got your back. Here our translation services Singapore will provide top-quality services across all areas.

Malay to English Business Translation Services

The number of Malay speakers & the language is spread across the nation witnessing good economic development is contributing to the rising demand for online translation of Malay to English.

As businesses look to stamp their attendance in Malay-speaking markets, they are seeking best-in-class certified translation services in Singapore. If you are in one such industry, Singapore Translators must be your first port of call. In Singapore, is a well-acclaimed and reputed company where the translator of Malay to English easily avail.

When you truly desire to learn to translate from Malay to English, or English to Malay you might desire to get a friend that is an expert in both languages to teach you the mechanics of the language. If you’re going to do a lot of translating but wants it to be ideal, consider buying Malay to English translate Malaysia services by outsourcing the work to somebody who has experience with both languages.

No 1 Online Translation Services for Document & Legal Translations in Singapore.

There are a lot of sites that offer online Malay to English translation that allows you to appoint people from all around the globe to assist you with online Malay to English translation. Ensure to check out the person you hire has status. So that you don’t waste time with people that are just trying to make a fast buck.

Translate Documents from Malay to English Online

To get translate Malay documents into English online, is represented by a highly skillful squad of translators that possess proficiency in translating Malay to the English language with great quality.

Most professional translation companies in Singapore helped many individuals and companies to translate documents from Malay to English when needed.

People who want to translate documents from Chinese To English can do so online. We are translators in Singapore that provide professional translation services for all languages, and we are happy to work with clients of any level or country to get their message across.


Q 1. What is the accuracy of your Malay to English translation services?

The Malay to English translation service offered by Singapore translators is of the highest accuracy. We guarantee all documents will be translated quickly and without sacrificing their quality.

Q 2. What will be the evaluated cost of Malay to English translations?

The evaluated cost for translation from Malay to English depends on the type of document. Every type of document requires a different process of translation. If you only want to translate a single Malay word into English, the estimated cost is less. Additionally, our word translation service also offers additional services such as proofreading, notarizing, editing, etc. If you wish to include any of these in the translation service, then the translation cost may increase.

You will have to pay an additional cost if you require urgent document translation. We also offer discounts on bulk translation orders. To learn more, contact

Q 3. How are Malay to English document translations formatted?

At Singapore translators, our Malay to English document translations is formatted according to clients’ expectations. This includes texts in PDF formats as well as .docx, .dotx, and .xlsx versions.

Q 4. How long will it take you to translate documents from Malay to English?

The time we take to translate documents from Malay to English depends on the word count and documents for which you wish to get a translation. With us, you can expect the documents to be translated quickly and of high quality. We ensure to provide the document as per the specified delivery deadlines in the form submissions.

Q 5. Will I get the hard copy of the Malay to English translation document?

Yes, our translation agency, i.e., Singapore translators, can provide the hard copy of Malay to English translated documents. It will be provided in exactly the same format as a softcopy of translated documents. If the hard copy of Malay to English translated documents is required, you must contact us and tell us regarding the number of hard copies you are looking for in the form. Do note that additional charges may apply for a hard copy.

Q 6. How do you provide Malay to English translations of high quality?

In Singapore Translator, we provide a top-notch quality translation for Malay to English documents. The reason for this is our in-house translators with years of translation experience and dedication to their work. All your documents will remain confidential with Singapore translators, and you do have to worry about them being disclosed.

Q 7. How does your Malay to English translation service manage refunds?

The refund policy is not available from our side; after the transaction is completed, we won’t provide any refunds no matter what is the situation. If any kind of mistake arises in the translated documents, we are there to make necessary amendments.

Q 8. Are these Malay to English translated documents useful?

Yes, Malay to English translated documents offered by Singapore Translators are useful. As the relevant Singapore immigration authorities consider all our translated documents. The use of translated documents is also dependent on the document you are willing to translate. Several documents need to be translated, including immigration documents, medical documents, driving license translations, academic documents, death certificates, etc. Immigration documents are for use in Singapore and other countries as a record of your travels. There are different reasons for different documents.

Q 9. Can you notarize the Malay to English-translated documents?

Yes, our translation agency provides notarial services for Malay to English translated documents, provided if the customer asks for notarization or SAL depending on their needs.

Q 10. Is Malay to English translation valid for a long time?

Malay to English translation service provided by us remains valid unless the original document changes or has expired. However, if a translator or notary’s signature has expired, then the also translation remains valid.



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